Friday, July 25, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 7/25/08

I had the utter pleasure of seeing my first Glossary show last weekend.

What an incredible band.

You must go see them on their current tour.


Here are a few pictures that I took at the show. I'll have more edited with a write up early next week.

Glossary is currently on tour with: - Jessica Lea Mayfield - KENT, Ohio - Indie / Folk Rock / Ambient -

and - Lucero - MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE - Rock / Indie / Southern Rock -



Patterson posted a great tour diary that's a must read. Here's one of many highlights.

Drive-By Truckers:

"The mood was, however, lightened up significantly a few hours before show time when Shonna broke into the room while Cooley was taking a shower, stealing all of his clothes and leaving in their place a red dress she had recently purchased. Cooley had been (has always been) playing a crude sort of practical joke on all aboard and had evidently violated a sort of ceasefire agreement they had struck so she retaliated, causing Cooley to have to ride down the elevator, walk through the lobby and proceed about two blocks wearing Shonna's red dress. Shonna, of course tipped us all off so we could have cameras, camcorders and various other recording devices ready to capture the moment for posterity. (Watch for it on YouTube).

The scariest part is how well Cooley actually looks in a red dress. It is definitely time for me to go home."

Didn't know this happened. Click the link for a nice picture of Cooley and Bettye:

Bettye LaVette and Drive-By Truckers Bring Soul, the South to Rothbury Fest : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily:

"but the real highlight came when LaVette joined the Truckers for a smoldering take on “Jealousy” that left the normally verbose Hood speechless. “Bettye left us all a little flabbergasted,” he announced, shaking his head and trying to compose himself."

Via "Zip City". This is some obsessive shit that I would do. Just a sample: - Message Board • View topic - DBT Stats:

"Number of Bands/Musicians/Music People mentioned: 29
Number of Cities/Places mentioned: 63
Number of 'Shits': 14
Number of 'Fucks': 9
---Note: Every shit/fuck but one (in Zip City) is in a Patterson song"

Whither Southern Rock? | SONIC BOOMERS


Uptown Magazine Online - Winnipeg's Online Source for Arts, Entertainment & News:

"The best place to have spent Canada Day night 2008 in Winnipeg was nowhere near The Forks.

This was an evening much better spent in a half-empty movie house in the heart of a whisper-quiet downtown, where Drive-By Truckers delivered a thunderous display of rock 'n' roll vigour that was as pyrotechnic as anything any fireworks display could have offered.

Coolest MF'er on the silver screen:



Brent Best

Because everbody needs a daily dose of Brent Best:


Hornby and Marah

Nick Hornby has great taste in Music (Even mentioned DBT in one of his books).

Here is he with Marah:



Some very worthy watching here. Check back often for updates. - Shoals Music Films - 100 - Male - FLORENCE, Alabama -


Apparently Jackie and Dunlap are big DBT fans. I hear a DBT shout-out in one of their videos is in the works.

Go buy their new record! - RED STATE UPDATE SINGS! - Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Country / Southern Rock / Americana -

YouTube - Red State Update's Historic "How Freedom Sounds" Drops.


Jill Sobule: Give Me Credit:

"I pay for music. I use iTunes...a lot. It's just too easy, and I can do it from the iPhone. But you would think that for $0.99 along with the song you could also get information on, not only who the composer of the particular song is, but also on the musicians, producer, and yes, being the geek I am, the engineer. Oh... and I want the lyrics. I love to read them as I hear a song for the first time."


Jenn said...

They're gonna kill you. Who the hell's myspace has those pictures? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing... but they have either been deleted or marked as private.

AAW said...

Can't run from you past, y'all. Besides, look at all that youthful vigor! Some fine looking lads, if I may say so.

AAW said...

And, AND they've just photographically, again, documented Cooley n a dress.

Don't be mad, P and C. The fans need a way to laugh their way through a slow Friday.

They're laughing with y'all not at y'all.


Duck's Revenge said...

Haha.. I think I have some pics that will top this one. You can find the myspace user id form the URL. Looks like it may be an friend of Pattersons. She looks familiar.

AAW said...

I'm sure you've got some doozies, CH.