Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good.

Berlin Awaits the 'Next JFK':

"The media can barely contain its excitement. 'Germany meets the Superstar' read the front page of the weekly Der Spiegel in reference to a popular TV show, while the tabloid Bild called Obama 'Berlin's New Kennedy!' and gushed: 'It's like 1963,' describing the presidential candidate as 'just as young, sexy and charismatic' as John F. Kennedy. And that's before he's even set foot here."

The bad. Very bad. Very bullshit. Where the eff is MY bailout.

Land of the Bailout

Congress Approves Housing Rescue Bill:

"WASHINGTON — Rescue legislation sailed through the House Wednesday aimed at helping 400,000 strapped homeowners avoid foreclosure and to prevent troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from collapsing."

The fucking ugly.

AP IMPACT: Big Oil profits steered to investors:

"HOUSTON - As giant oil companies like Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips get set to report what will probably be another round of eye-popping quarterly profits, just where is all that money going?

The companies insist they're trying to find new oil that might help bring down gas prices, but the money they spend on exploration is nothing compared with what they spend on stock buybacks and dividends."

Back to "The Good". The very good.

Gore Makes "Moon Shot" Environmental Challenge:

"WASHINGTON — Just as John F. Kennedy set his sights on the moon, Al Gore is challenging the nation to produce every kilowatt of electricity through wind, sun and other Earth-friendly energy sources within 10 years, an audacious goal he hopes the next president will embrace."

And again, "The Bad"

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election:

"A leading cyber-security expert and former adviser to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says he has fresh evidence regarding election fraud on Diebold electronic voting machines during the 2002 Georgia gubernatorial and senatorial elections."

The butt ugly.

Desk rage spoils workplace for many Americans | Reuters

"People are coming to work after a long commute, sitting in traffic watching their discretionary income burn up. They're ready for a fight or just really upset," he said.

Added to that, he said, are financially strapped workers having to cut back on paying for personal pastimes that might serve as an antidote to work pressures.


And we'll end with "The Funny".



Townser said...

Bailout? What bailout? I'm still waiting for my so-called stimulus check!!!! BTW-I ended up putting my dog Townes down today. needless to say, I'm a fucking mess.

JPW said...

My stim check went directly to the bill man.

T, so sorry to hear of you loose, man. Must be rough. Write up a blog post on Townes with some pics. You'll find it cathartic.