Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This Buds not for You

Almost missed this one due to Trojan King.

Fellow blogger Roger at Legal Schnauzer who works... or I should say worked... at my alma mater UAB was recently fired for expressing his First Amendment rights.

Alabama US Attorney denies any involvement in university editor's termination:

"The abrupt dismissal of a veteran University of Alabama employee who blogged about the firing of seven US Attorneys has added a bizarre new twist to allegations that the state's US Attorneys targeted political opponents for prosecution.

Roger Shuler -- a high-profile blogger and leading critic of Alabama's judicial system -- has written extensively about alleged corruption among U.S. Attorneys for over a year. In particular, Shuler focused on two US Attorneys from his home state: Alice H. Martin of the Northern District and Leura G. Canary of the Middle District"

Shuler's initial goal as a blogger -- at his personal blog, Legal Schnauzer -- was to expose the corruption of a local lawyer and his allies in the local judiciary, he says. His posts decried the tactics of Alice Martin, US Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama. Martin attempted unsuccessfully to prosecute Don Siegelman for allegations of attempted bid-rigging in 2004, only to have the case dismissed with prejudice.

Rogers doing great work and if you feel like supporting him he's got some names and numbers to call in his link below.

Legal Schnauzer: The Power of a Raw Story:

"If you ever hear anyone say something like, 'I don't really think Web sites and other forms of 'new media' make much of a difference in journalism,' please send them my way.

I will straighten them out.

Since Raw Story on Friday afternoon broke the story about my termination from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), traffic on Legal Schnauzer has more than tripled from what I would normally see on a Friday and Saturday. And that's on a weekend in the middle of summer vacation season."

Even the Chinese are taking Schnauzer off the menu

Dog meat off the menu during Beijing Olympics


In crappy American beer news.

This Bud Might Not Be for Them - WSJ.com:

"ST. LOUIS -- Jordan Moore took the news that his beloved Budweiser could soon fall into foreign hands very personally: He decided he would scrap his plan to get the logo of the King of Beers tattooed on his right rib cage.

'I'll tell you one thing,' said the 21-year-old concrete worker during his lunch break at The Brick of St. Louis bar, in the shadow of this city's storied Anheuser-Busch Cos. brewery, 'if Budweiser is made by a different country, I don't drink Budweiser anymore. I'll go back to Wild Turkey.' (Wild Turkey, a Kentucky bourbon, is owned by French drinks giant Pernod Ricard SA.)"

But there could be an upside. I loves me some Stella.

U.S. beer drinkers could toast Anheuser takeover :

"NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Beer drinkers could reap some unexpected short-term benefits as Anheuser-Busch's 'King of Beers' becomes a vassal in a much larger empire run by Belgium's InBev.

Once InBev's $52 billion takeover of Anheuser gets approved, it will be able to use Anheuser's far-reaching U.S. distribution network to sell its own beers, introducing brews such as Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Leffe and Staropramen to drinkers across the United States.

'That could be one of the secret upsides' to this deal, said Harry Schuhmacher, editor and publisher of Beer Business Daily. 'You can get a Stella anywhere in New York, but you can't get one anywhere in San Antonio"


Jez said...

Stella Artois, really? *belches* There are a lot of good Belgian beers out there. Unfortunately, I wouldn't rank Stella Artois among them. But then neither do most beer snobs.

AAW said...

Yo, Jez. I am not a fan of Belgian beers at all. My feeling is that there's a reason they serve them to you in a gold rimmed glass. The taste of metal nullifies some of the nastiness of the beer.

But, I do know that Stella is a 'dumbed down' version of 'good' Belgian beer. Regardless, I like it and it likes me. You can't keep us apart no matter the snootiness.

"Leave Stella Aloooooooone'