Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walk this Way

You know you wanna.

Send Karl Rove to Jail!


Very cool.

Alabama man turns 112, still spends days drawing:

"TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Bent over or sitting at a table, gripping a ballpoint pen, marker or crayon, Frank Calloway spends his days turning visions from his youth into lively murals — and at 112 years old, the images of his childhood are a window to another time.

Drawn on sheets of butcher paper and sometimes stretching to more than 30 feet long, the works mostly show rural agricultural scenes, with buildings, trains and vehicles straight out of the early 20th century. And his colorful creations are gaining more attention in the art world.

Number one, baby.

America's Most Walkable Neighborhoods - Walkability Rankings of the Largest 40 U.S. Cities


Texas is a head of the curve. Yes, Texas.

Texas Approves Big Plan To Transmit Wind Power


Dude, where's my car?! Dude, you're driving it.

RI cops arrest man with .491 blood alcohol level:

"State Police arrested a man early Tuesday whose blood alcohol level allegedly was .491, more than six times the legal limit, which they believe is the highest ever recorded in Rhode Island for someone who wasn't dead.

The man, 34, was arrested after he drove into a highway message board on Interstate 95 in Providence, Maj. Steven O'Donnell said."

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