Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ABC. Easy as 123

Keating 5.... Jackson 5 it ain't.

Take a little time on your lunch break today to learn how super-awesome, country first, ethical-tastic McSame is.


It's 'fear' time! Feel the conservative election fear! An American Tradition.

McCain's Desperate Claim: Obama is Dangerous. Vote for Me If You Want to Live!:

"The McCain campaign is all set to roll out its message for the last 30 days of the campaign: 'We may not be good for your bank account, your mortgage, your health care, or your job security -- but none of that will matter if you are dead. John McCain: If You Want to Live.'

It's coming a little earlier than expected, but with an imploding economy and no solutions from the McCain camp other than yet another round of tax cuts, Team McCain is hitting the GOP's default key: Be Very Afraid!"

Via PH.

When you're pissing off the movie reviewers, you've got a problem.

Guess who's not coming to dinner :: rogerebert.com :: News & comment:

"I do not like you, John McCain. My feeling has nothing to do with issues. It has to do with common courtesy. During the debate, you refused to look Barack Obama in the eye. Indeed, you refused to look at him at all. Even when the two of you shook hands at the start, you used your eyes only to locate his hand, and then gazed past him as you shook it.

Obama is my guy. If you are rude to him, you are rude to me. If you came to dinner at my house and refused to look at or speak with one of my guests, that would be bad manners and I would be offended. Same thing if I went to your house. During the debate, you were America's guest."

Oh, gosh-darnit, fucking 1st Amendment, youbetcha.

Palin staff keep journalists locked inside press area to prevent them from writing ‘negative things.’


Why is V-PILF so heavily involved with secessionist? Dare I say her views of America are 'radical'? Dare I say that her view of America is not the same as yours and mine?

Dare I say that this woman is fucking off her rocker?


Wait... aren't humans mammals?

Half of mammals 'in decline', says extinction Red List:

"BARCELONA (AFP) - Half the world's mammals are declining in population and more than a third probably face extinction, said an update Monday of the 'Red List,' the most respected inventory of biodiversity."

This is why jeebus created contract work.

Many workers do not respect their bosses:

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Almost half of U.S. workers do not respect their boss and only half believe they are competent, according to an online survey released on Friday."

Heh. This one time at band camp......

Director files complaint about UC Davis band:

"On the band's fall retreat in 2007, four drunken band members were caught urinating in a dormitory elevator, and at band picnic day, four others took their uniform pants down and simulated the incident for a photographer. At outdoor rehearsals, male band members dropped their pants to get a laugh, while women sometimes stripped to their bras, he wrote, and one evening practice was disrupted when a bass drummer began performing lap dances."

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