Wednesday, October 08, 2008

That One

McCain is simply a douchebag:

"That One," McCain Calls Obama In Debate (VIDEO):

"During a discussion about energy, McCain punctuates a contrast with Obama by referring to him as 'that one,' while once again not looking in his opponent's direction (merely jabbing a finger across his chest). That's not going to win McCain any Miss Congeniality points. Nor will it reassure any voters who believe McCain is improperly trying to capitalize on Obama's 'otherness.'"

A dumb ass douchebag.

AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth:

"Best dumb ass line of the debate so far: 'Senator Obama says it has to be safe for disposal or whatever, my friends I’ve been on ships with nuclear… and I’m fine. It’s safe.” This from the man who’s been treated for five – count em five – episodes of melanoma, not to mention other bizarre health conditions."

Having to? Like he's got no control over it? Like his campaign isn't his caimpaign?

Cry me an effing river.

Advisers worry about ‘grumpy McCain’ - Mike Allen -

"A close McCain friend said the reason is clear: McCain is miserable about having to run a campaign that’s antithetical to his persona.

The problem is that McPalin are getting dangerous. The people they are riling up are knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathers who are oh-so-close to become a mob..... dare I say a lynch mob.

What do you do when your base is a nothing more than a racist lynch mob? Stoke the flames, apparently.

Who They Are, What They're About:

"So we have McCain today getting his crowd riled up asking who Barack Obama is and then apparently giving a wink and a nod when one member of the crowd screams out 'terrorist.'

And later we have Sarah Palin with the same mob racket, getting members of the crowd to yell out 'kill him', though it's not clear whether the call for murder was for Bill Ayers or Barack Obama. It didn't seem to matter.
These are dangerous and sick people, McCain and Palin. Whatever it takes. Stop at nothing."

Luckily, the Secret Service is looking into this one:

In Fla., Palin Goes for the Rough Stuff as Audience Boos Obama:

"'Kill him!' proposed one man in the audience."

Obama Hatred On Display Again At Palin Rally, Supporter Screams "Treason!":

In the latest instance of inflammatory outbursts at McCain-Palin rallies, a crowd member screamed 'treason!' during an event on Tuesday after Sarah Palin accused Barack Obama of criticizing U.S. troops.

'[Obama] said, too, that our troops in Afghanistan are 'air raiding villages and killing civilians,'' Palin said, mischaracterizing a 2007 remark by Obama. 'I hope Americans know that is not what our brave men and women in uniform are doing in Afghanistan. The U.S. military is fighting terrorism and protecting us and protecting our freedom.'

Shortly afterward, a male member of the crowd in Jacksonville, Florida, yelled 'treason!' loudly enough to be picked up by television microphones."

And, yes, Virginia, it gets worse.

Unleashed, Palin Makes a Pit Bull Look Tame -

"Worse, Palin's routine attacks on the media have begun to spill into ugliness. In Clearwater, arriving reporters were greeted with shouts and taunts by the crowd of about 3,000. Palin then went on to blame Katie Couric's questions for her 'less-than-successful interview with kinda mainstream media.' At that, Palin supporters turned on reporters in the press area, waving thunder sticks and shouting abuse. Others hurled obscenities at a camera crew. One Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at an African American sound man for a network and told him, 'Sit down, boy.'"

Shit flinging Republicans.

Pa. GOP hits rock bottom: Calls Obama "a terrorist's best friend" | Philadelphia Daily News

"I've been writing about political campaigns for more than a quarter-century now, and it really takes a lot to surprise me, but I am absolutely stunned at the depths that the Republican Party is willing to sink to try in win this election, even as polls are beginning to suggest it may be a lost cause for John McCain and Sarah Palin. At 9:29 p.m., I received in an email the sleaziest political press release I've ever seen. It came from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and it's headlined: 'PAGOP: OBAMA - A TERRORIST'S BEST FRIEND.'
Embarracuda - Swampland - TIME:

I'm of two minds about how to deal with the McCain campaign's further descent into ugliness. Their strategy is simple: you throw crap against a wall and then giggle as the media try to analyze the putresence in a way that conveys a sense of balance: "Well, it is bull-pucky, but the splatter pattern is interesting..." which, of course, only serves to get your perverse message out. I really don't want to be a part of that. But...every so often, we journalists have a duty to remind readers just how dingy the McCain campaign, and its right-wing acolytes in the media (I'm looking at you, Sean Hannity) have become--especially in their efforts to divert public attention from the economic crisis we're facing. And so inept at it: other campaigns have decided that their only shot is going negative, but usually they don't announce it, as several McCain aides have in recent days--there's no way we can win on the economy, so we're going to go sludge-diving.

"In any case, this is rather rich coming from Palin, who is married to a man who belonged to a political party--the Alaskan Independence Party--that wanted to secede from the union."

So then, I'd guess, it would be appropriate to bring up some of the nuttiness that passes for godliness in Palin's religious life. Leave aside the fact that The Embarracuda allowed herself to participate in a cermony that protected her from witchcraft, how about her presence--she didn't "get up and leave"-- at a sermon by the founder of Jews for Jesus, who argued that the Palestinian terrorist acts against Israel were God's "judgment" on the Jews because they hadn't accepted Jesus.

And can we please settle this stupid Ayers/terrorist bullshit once and for all:

Obama's Links To Ex-Radical Examined : NPR:

Hallett calls this attack on Obama's association with Ayers and the Annenberg Challenge by further association, 'a smear campaign. It's a political diatribe that has no basis in fact. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge was an extremely positive initiative. It was well-vetted, thorough, and the fact that it is now is being used for political purposes is, in my opinion, outrageous.'"
Republican Clears Obama On Ayers!(Audio)


As this election continues to devolve due to McPalin, just remember:



More of this please....:

Knock Out: CNBC Confirms Lehman CEO Punched at Gym:

"It seems anxiety from the financial crisis is reaching new highs, but the tipping point for one individual came at the Lehman Brothers gym in the midst of the company’s collapse.

While former Lehman CEO Richard Fuld was testifying before the House Oversight Committee Oct. 6, CNBC reported he had been punched in the face at the Lehman Brothers gym after it was announced the firm was going bankrupt. CNBC and Vanity Fair contributor Vicki Ward said Fuld was attacked at the gym on a Sunday following the bankruptcy."


Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake : EcoWorldly:

"In what could be a first in the world, a fish species known as cichlids has been observed by scientists in the act of splitting into two distinct species in Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake and one of the world’s biggest fresh water bodies."

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