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DBT Week in Review - 10/31/08

DBT!.... and THS!

Happy Halloween!

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Love Is in the Air - Music - Nashville Scenepage 1
"I was living in New York and a friend gave me Southern Rock Opera," explains Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn. "So I went to see the Truckers at Bowery Ballroom, and it was one of the top rock shows of my life. The first time is maybe always the best time when you see a band. I just couldn't take my eyes off them. They played all night and drank a ton of beer. It was just so cool."

No wonder the Drive-By Truckers' publicist quipped that they should be calling the band's tour with The Hold Steady the "Man Love Tour."

For a certain breed of rock fan—those who like their rock literate and loud—this tour is a wondrous fantasy, Hanukkah come early, OMFG. But for all the mutual man love going around, the two bands don't necessarily seem like a logical pairing—the No Depression cover boys and the Pitchfork darlings—yet they share some powerful similarities.

The Hold Steady/Drive-By Truckers Post-Election Rock 'n' Roll Hangover - Music - Village Voicepage 1 - Village Voice:

"They hit New York City November 6 and 7. 'I'm concerned about the mood of the shows the following days after Election Day,' admits Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn. 'Depending on how it goes, it could be a big celebration.'

Conversely, if Finn-favored Obama somehow loses what is currently a double-digit lead, Truckers frontman Patterson Hood, who shares Finn's political affiliation, predicts something much less jovial. 'It'll be an angry motherfucking show,' he says. 'I'll tell you that.'"

A new team of Truckers on the road, eager to rock 'n' roll:

"Patterson Hood, the de facto leader of The Drive-By Truckers, is feeling good about making music again.

Such has not always been the case.

'This band has been going 12 years, and during that time I've been through just about every emotion a sane or insane man can think up, as well as going through a bunch of band members, brain cells and a round or two of wives and domiciles,' Hood said in his thick Southern drawl, the result of being born and raised in Alabama and coming of age in Athens, Ga.,"

Muscle Shoals Sound

Muscle Shoals Rhythm section inducted in hall of fame | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL
Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" never sounded better than when the past met the future Tuesday during the Musicians Hall of Fame Awards Show.

Fresh off their induction into the Musicians Hall of Fame, members of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section joined Kid Rock for a rousing rendition of the Seger classic, which is just one of many hits the group was a part of.

"It's pretty cool," bassist David Hood said.

While he appreciated the recognition, Hood said he was honored to be inducted alongside the likes of Booker T and the MGs, Buddy Holly's band, The Crickets and country music legend George Jones.

"These are some of my personal heroes," Hood said.



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Music News

Oops. There goes Jimmy's fan base.

Jimmy Buffett To Sing For Obama:

"TAMPA, Fla. — The mayor of Margaritaville is jumping into this year's political fray.

Jimmy Buffett plans a free concert Sunday in Tampa to urge people to vote for Democrat Barack Obama for president. The 'Last Chance for Change' rally and concert is happening two days before the election at the outdoor Ford Amphitheatre."

Then it wouldn't be 'Led Zeppelin', now would it?

Led Zeppelin May Tour - Without Robert Plant:

"LONDON — Led Zeppelin may yet reunite and tour _ and they'd consider doing it without Robert Plant.

John Paul Jones, the group's founding bassist, told the BBC that he and his fellow band members would consider looking for someone to replace their lead singer.

'We want to do it. It's sounding great and we want to get and get out there,' he told the British radio program in an interview broadcast Monday. 'It's got to be right. There's no point in just finding another Robert.'"

Freestyle rapping battle translated. The pay off is at the end.


In drunk news....

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, The Jack cover is just what I needed. I had a feeling they would cover some AC/DC. Maybe they'll do A Whole Lot Of Rosie too.

AAW said...

Agreed, Ant. That some good shit. I'm stoked that I get to see them at the end of the tour in SF. All kinds of goodies should be worked up by then.


Anonymous said...

Ryman wasn't that great... kind of subdued, but the Tabernacle... holy moly. It was a died-and-gone-to-heaven night. I've seen both bands before, good nights and OK nights, but last night for both was un-fucking-believable.

AAW said...

I've heard from several sources, bink, that the ATL was, as you put it 'un-fucking-believable'.

Can't wait till the Fillmore!

Anonymous said...

My personal highlight, however, was Spooner telling me I had a nice costume in Nashville. :)

AAW said...

What did you go as, binky?

Anonymous said...

I did a Day of the Deadish costume, painted my face and chest with bones etc and just wore black with a black wig. People kept telling me I was scary (mostly middle aged white ladies... several who were ushers at the Ryman) but I was a very friendly skeleton. :)