Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bottle Rockets and Gorillas

Jet airplane travel today..... er, tomorrow.... er, this is a 'future' post. It posted itself while I was/am 30k feet in the air. Very confusing.

Thanks, Blogger!

Shit better work.

How the Drive-By Truckers Met The Hold Steady - Music - Seattle Weeklypage 1:

"SW: Tell me what it was like on the road leading up to the election? After?

Hood: Well, you know me, I've just been obsessed. We kicked this tour off right at the very, very last moment before the election. We were off the day of the election, and we just parked our buses in the parking lot at State College in Pennsylvania and set off bottle rockets every time we won another blue state. I think we had someone walking around in a gorilla suit...or maybe it was a real gorilla, I'm not sure...

Kubler: Some of the events that day were a little hazy."

Love this doc. I remember seeing it when it first came out... on VHS.

'Hoop Dreams' film players remain friends; lives have diverged --



Jean-Claude Van Damme Hits On Reporter Mid-Interview


Cool. Scientists rediscover pocket-sized primate:

"It looks like a tangerine-sized cross between a furry Furby and a gremlin, and hadn't been seen alive since the 1920s. But the pygmy tarsier has made an unlikely comeback."

Airight, den. Countdown to the Fillmore shows starts..... now.


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Anonymous said...

J- The countdown to the Fillmore is ON!
Tick tick Tick...

Are you going up to see the shows in WA/OR?
Rawk On!
Peter G.