Friday, November 21, 2008

DBT Week in Review - 11/21/08

Down and dirty today 'cause I'm goin' on a little road trip.

Perfect Timing


Hold Steady, Truckers rock together:

"The love fest went both ways. Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn talked about moving to New York from Minneapolis and not wanting to start a new band until he saw the Truckers one night.

'I sincerely believe they're the only band I know that enjoy rock 'n' roll as much as we do,' Finn said"

CityNews: Hold Steady, Drive-By Truckers Play Rock's Good Guys As Joint Tour Rolls Through T.O.:

"There's an argument to be had about whether rock and roll does in fact mean well, but there's no question The Hold Steady and Drive By-Truckers do."

Music Review - The Hold Steady - Drive-By Truckers - At Terminal 5, Two Bands Offer Two Ways to Go -

"Everyone’s bruised in the songs of the Hold Steady and Drive-By Truckers. Their jobs pay poorly. They spend no small amount of time in bars, drinking away history. Their relationships are fragile. Their expectations have been dashed."

Drive-By Truckers share the wheel:

"Many of the characters come from real life, though some are composites. And, of course, some are Hood himself. 'The guy who's trying to stay on 'The Righteous Path,' that's me,' he says.

One way he does it is by playing more than 200 nights a year in the band. And by keeping humble. 'I could do a solo record, and I have, but I prefer being in a band,' he says. 'I love being the guitar player and letting someone else sing their songs, too. There's just something great about being part of a group effort. That's what being in a band is all about.'"

The Popcorn Trick: What's Next for the Drive-By Truckers?

� 11-05-2008 Drive-By Truckers at MoemoePhoto - Concert Photography


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Ex-Trucker and current Fiddleworms member, Rob Malone's daughter is getting in on the act these days.

Means of moving a bear || Florence, AL



Crimson White - Local favorites play first Tuscaloosa show of semester:

"The Dexateens are fresh off finishing up a new album, “Singlewide,” which will be released in April. The album was recorded at Mark Never’s Beech House Recordings studio in Nashville, Tenn. Long-time Dexateens fans may be surprised by the album’s more-rootsy sound, but McPherson said it is still The Dexateens, just with a little different side of the band.

“We approached it in the studio like CCR would approach something,” he said. “The core of everything was an acoustic guitar on every si"


McCartney hopes to release funky Beatles track:

LONDON – Paul McCartney says it's time an experimental Beatles track saw the light of day.

McCartney says he wants to release 'Carnival of Light,' a 14-minute experimental track the Fab Four recorded in 1967 but never released.

The band played the recording for an audience just once, at an electronic music festival in London. It reportedly includes distorted guitar, organ sounds, gargling and shouts of 'Barcelona!' and 'Are you all right?' from McCartney and John Lennon."

Aretha Franklin News on Yahoo! Music:

"She's already the Queen of Soul, but now Aretha Franklin has been named the greatest singer of the rock era in a poll conducted by Rolling Stone magazine.

Franklin, 66, came in ahead of Ray Charles at No. 2, Elvis Presley at No. 3, Sam Cooke at No. 4 and John Lennon at No. 5, according to the magazine's survey of 179 musicians, producers, Rolling Stone editors, and other music-industry insiders."

A little too experienced.

Drummer for Jimi Hendrix found dead :

"PORTLAND, Ore. – Mitch Mitchell, drummer for the legendary Jimi Hendrix Experience of the 1960s and the group's last surviving member, was found dead in his hotel room early Wednesday. He was 61.

Mitchell was a powerful force on 'Are You Experienced?' the 1967 debut album of the Hendrix band. He had an explosive drumming style that can be heard in hard-charging songs such as 'Fire' and 'Manic Depression.'"

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Nesson, Harvard Law Professor, Sues RIAA:
"A Harvard Law School professor filed a counterclaim last Friday against the Recording Industry Association of America that challenges the constitutionality of the RIAA’s efforts against those caught downloading music from file-sharing services.

“This is an unconstitutional delegation by Congress of executive prosecutorial powers to private hands,” Nesson wrote in his brief.

“That a private organization is allowed to take a huge chunk of government power and impose its will upon millions of people is, frankly, disconcerting,” he said in an interview."

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1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die:


Early S.F. Doors show breaks on through to CD



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Not sure how old by that sounds about right.