Monday, November 10, 2008

Grave Rolling - Earth Spinning

I bet my weekend was more fun than yours. Keep an eye out for a cool post coming your way sometimes this week.

Must. Clear. Cobwebs. from brain today.

Short and sweet post today.

Yeah, the kids are alright.

Must-See Photo Montage From Grant Park Rally (bring tissues)


I had no idea that Wallace's daughter was an Obama supporter. This is a great read.

Commentary: My father, George Wallace, and Barack Obama :

"I thanked her for her kind words as we stood side by side gazing down at the graves of Govs. George Wallace and Lurleen Wallace.

After a few moments, the woman leaned into me and spoke almost in a conspiratorial whisper. 'I never thought I would live to see the day when a black would be running for president. I know your daddy must be rolling over in his grave.'

Not having the heart or the energy to respond, I gave her bony arm a slight squeeze, turned and walked away. As I put the remnants of the graveyard spray in the trunk of my car, I assumed that she had not bothered to notice the Barack Obama sticker on my bumper."

Because I'm feeling warm and fuzzy today.

Kids are alright Part II.

In her own words: Teacher moved by students' joy over Obama win:

"At 7:14 a.m., the hallways at my school looked very familiar: crowded, hectic and loud. Only on this morning, students weren't ignoring their teacher's requests to get to their homerooms because they were too busy gossiping about shoes or TV last night or one another.

Instead, they were simply too busy to get to class on time because they were all talking politics with their friends. It was stunning to overhear conversations between eighth-graders that included words like: electoral votes, democracy, and ballots. And it wasn't just a few kids -- it was all of them."

This is really going to put a dent in my dating life. Why, oh, why must y'all eff with Craigslist!

Craigslist to crack down on prostitution ads



Anonymous said...

I read today that Obama will get three panic buttons shaped like lil credit cards that he just has to squeeze if he needs the Secret Service to come running. One for his billfold, one for his desk, and one for beside the bed. Apparently, the panic alarm beside the bed used to be tiny replica of the Washington Monument that only had to be knocked over to sound the alarm, but Dan Quale flipped it over one night while getting busy with Mrs. Quayle. So the SS came a running and threw Mrs. Quayle to the floor and made a human shield around ole pan-fried dheddy Quayle. Repulsive AND hilarious, now that's a sidebar.

Lurleen McQueen said...

I was standing at the DBT bus door when young Mr. Burns Wallace introduced himself to Patterson Hood after the Tuscaloosa show and asked Patterson what his name was. That night, Patterson had performed Three Alabama Icons and Wallace with complete backstory while Burns looked on from the audience. I wish I had been close enough to hear the rest of their conversation. It was pretty amazing to witness.

AAW said...

Agreed, anon, that's one hell of a sidebar. I wonder if when they walked in Quayle was trying to stick it in her ear. Talk about low wattage.

Lore has it, Lurleen, that Burns is a big fan of the song.