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DBT Week in Review - 11/7/08


Its a beautiful Friday isn't, it.

So, this is really cool... for me at least... being the music/political blogger type.

Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign's Communication Director, FOX News and New Republic contributor and music/political blogger interviewed Patterson Hood after the election:

Gotham Acme � Bootlerockets:
"Wolfson: Given that it’s the day after the election, I wanted to start with a couple of political questions, if that’s all right?

Hood: All right.

Wolfson: You know, you have written so much about the history of the South and the recent history of the South. What did it mean to you last night to have the country elect our first African-American president and have at least one state and maybe two from the “Old Confederacy” vote for him?

Hood: I think it’s great. I think it’s fantastic. I really do. I’m just – I’m almost – I’m kind of speechless about it all and, actually, he was actually my first choice at the very beginning when he first jumped in and it was such a long shot. So kind of watching the whole thing play out is pretty amazing. It’s kind of – it almost hadn’t sunk in yet today. Today I’ve been kind of walking around in a daze from it all.

We were off yesterday and so we all, The Hold Steady and us both had vans parked together at a parking lot at a state college and we were all kind of taking turns in each other’s buses watching the returns come in and cooking a bunch of food and occasionally setting off some bottle rockets whenever there was good news, so it’s been kind of a long couple of days."

Here's a recent Op-Ed in the NY Times that Howard penned. Good stuff.

What Did Celine Dion Do to Hillary Clinton? - Op-Ed -

"Ideas were put forward: Motown, disco, ballads. I pushed K T Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” because it seemed empowering and upbeat. It was immediately criticized. What about the singer’s use of the word “hell”?

Everyone had favorites, and every favorite had its detractors. We studied lyrics and performer biographies. We downloaded possibilities and listened. Some of us danced, while others sat and frowned.

“Get Ready” by the Four Tops? Too sexual. “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson? What about that unfortunate wardrobe malfunction?

To break the stalemate, we sponsored an online contest for supporters and gave them options to choose from. The votes and commentaries rolled in. Celine Dion’s “You and I” was selected, a decision I jokingly predicted would signal the end of the campaign.

Sadly, my prediction proved correct."

Musicians Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony:

Uncle Josh, Patterson, Spooner and David Hood


DBT Halloween Pictures from the Ryman:

by Daniel Peiken:

DBT Pictures October 2008

by Erika Goldring: Photos - Drive-By Truckers - Halloween 2008 - Ryman - Nashville


Music News

Slims is a great venue. I've seen Isbell and DBT here.

Boz Scaggs' nightclub Slim's 20 years old:

"Rock star Boz Scaggs wanted to open the R&B nightclub of his dreams. He found some high-powered partners and took over a vacant South of Market restaurant called the Warehouse, where he threw a New Year's Eve bash before closing it to remodel. It would be nine months before the doors opened again, and when they did, the place was called Slim's and Scaggs rocked the room before an invited crowd, backed by Texas guitar slinger Anson Funderburgh and Huey Lewis on harmonica.

Boz Scaggs at his new nightclub Slim's in 1989.Scaggs performing at the 20th anniversary party in October.The opening of Slim's in 1988. View More Images

When something starts, it's never really possible to know how long it's going to last, but 20 years later Scaggs was back on the same stage, before another invited crowd, celebrating the joint's 20th anniversary last month. Time flies when you don't know what you're doing."

Neil Young on gas guzzlers: Long may you run:

"Leave it to Neil Young to make green technology cool.

The rock legend has created a company called Linc Volt Technology to promote the conversion of existing gas-guzzling cars into vehicles that run on alternative energy.

But we're not talking about boxy little e-cars here. Young, who likes his cars old and big, is launching his effort by converting a 1959 Lincoln Continental to run on electricity and natural gas. He'll be at's Dreamforce conference at Moscone Center this morning to show off his ride.

All 5,000 pounds of it."

Man, if you're ripping off Whitesnake... no wonder you got your ass handed to you.

Whitesnake founder objects to McCain use of 'Here I Go Again' at campaign event:

"The founding member of Whitesnake is objecting to John McCain's use of the hair-metal band's classic 'Here I Go Again' during a campaign rally in Colorado on Tuesady."

Hold on to the feeling.

hypebot: The Top Selling Digital Song Is...(sadly) by Journey


AC/DC ASCII Music Video in Excel. Pretty Cool.



Jez said...

Yeah, the timing of that Journey song totally makes sense why it's the top seller. They still play that song around Chicago a lot.

Hey, I got called a crazy person the other day for my post by a friend of mine from a long time ago. I didn't think it was all that bad.

JPW said...

Don't stop believing , Jez. Hold on to that feeling.

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