Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eye Spy a Godfather

I'm looking to partner with Jones, a true American entrepreneur.



Eye Spy: Filmmaker Plans to Install Camera in His Eye Socket:

"Rob Spence looks you straight in the eye when he talks. So it's a little unnerving to imagine that soon one of his hazel-green eyes will have a tiny wireless video camera in it that records your every move."

Great read on Puzo.

How they shot The Godfather


Many ways to have a perfect San Francisco day.

More versions of a perfect day in San Francisco:

"Nobody who loves San Francisco defines the city the same way. But all are likely to agree on this: Enjoying the moment is more important than seeing the well-known sights.

That's what comes through in readers' responses to last Sunday's article in which The Chronicle retraced the 1961 steps of guidebook writer Jack Shelton and his 'One Perfect Day in San Francisco.'"

Hurry up and develop these drugs. I'm in need, indeed.

Experts urge wider use of brain-boosting drugs:

"Brain research is accelerating, and a new era of 'cognitive enhancement' - the use of brain-stimulating drugs and devices by healthy people - is approaching, the authors said.

While thorny ethical and medical questions must be addressed, pharmaceutical enhancement of inborn mental gifts is a trend to be welcomed, the seven co-authors from Harvard, Stanford and other prestigious institutions said."

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