Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Real Mavericks

I loves me some San Francisco. We thumbed our nose at alcohol prohibition and we're still thumbing it at modern prohibition.

S.F. toasts the repeal of Prohibition again:

"Today is the 75th anniversary of the end of America's 'noble experiment' - the prohibition of intoxicating liquor.

San Francisco celebrated the day 75 years ago by raising a glass or two, and the city will do it again today.

At exactly 2:31 p.m. on this day in 1933, word reached San Francisco that the 21st Amendment abolishing Prohibition had been ratified. The siren on the Ferry Building sounded, and a parade of 14 trucks loaded with legal liquor headed up Market Street to City Hall to present Mayor Angelo Rossi with California wine and a case of gin."

I've driven by, but never walked out to where you can see the location. Apparently it was perfect this year.

A couple of cool pics with this article.

These people have very large nads.

Maverick's makes magic:

"Some surfers called it the best Maverick's they'd ever seen. Some found their exuberance mixed with near-death experiences. Everyone agreed that whatever fate meets the annual Maverick's contest - an event facing a serious financial crisis - there couldn't be a better show than last weekend's at the famed spot near Half Moon Bay."

The Tenderloin neighborhood in SF is.... well, colorful, to say the least.

This dude has hung a couple of streaming web cams from his window to catch all of the insanity. Late night/early morning viewing is the best time.

Adam's Block



Man Says Wife Was Accidentally Shot During Sex :

"SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- A Tri-State woman is in critical condition Wednesday after police say her husband shot her while they were having sex."

Hilarious... and true.

Want to help the economy? Then let teh gays marry. They should have the opportunity and right to be as miserable as everybody else.


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