Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Harlem of the West


Hawaii Chevrolet dealer crushes auto competition:
"HILO, Hawaii – A Hilo Chevrolet dealer who tried to crush his Asian auto competition found the stunt a little harder to pull off than expected.

Island Chevrolet general sales manager James Severtson arranged for a Chevrolet Suburban SUV outfitted with massive tires costing $5,000 apiece to drive over a Honda Accord.

On the first attempt Friday, the monster truck blew a hydraulic hose and leaked vital fluid while the Honda remained intact and ready for more."

See, the Da Vinci Code was right!

Three near-invisible drawings discovered on back of Da Vinci masterpiece - Times Online


'Harlem of the West' jazz photos on Fillmore:

"While other 4-year-olds were off in slumber land, Peter Fitzsimmons was soaking up the music at Jimbo's Bop City, the fabled Fillmore District nightspot where John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald or Charlie Parker might stroll in and join the after-hours jam session."

PC vs. MAC.... for real!


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