Monday, December 22, 2008

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I watched the interview on before I saw the article in the Buttholeville Daily.

Note to self: Swim out of an avalanche.

Florence native survives deluge in Colorado || Florence, AL:

"After about a half-hour of skiing, they were ready for another run. They waited for another pair to finish their run, then Jones made his jump onto the slopes.

What would happen immediately after that nearly cost him his life, and ultimately landed him on television Wednesday morning for a live interview on ABC's 'Good Morning, America.'

'I jumped and made one turn to the left, and the slope just started sliding,' Jones said.

Immediately, the 1993 Coffee High School graduate had the terrifying realization that he was in the midst of an avalanche.

'I started screaming like a baby,' he said during an interview Wednesday with the TimesDaily."

The first picture listed is incredible.

The year 2008 in photographs (part 1 of 3) - The Big Picture -



Gifts for the Blessed / 11 skewed ideas to make your holiday a bit more fun, strange, blasphemous:
"3) Gasoline storage tank
Genius! Fill your backyard reservoir with cheap gas right now, then chortle gleefully when 2010 comes and your friends are all paying 10 bucks a gallon to fill up their wimpy Prii, and suddenly there's you, roaring out to the Home Depot parking lot and burning donuts in your '96 Camaro filled with $1.19 unleaded. Dude! Foresight!

Don't forget to loiter around your tank as frequently as possible in your spare time, smoking a lot and flinging lit matches at the nozzle. You're indestructible!"

Take my mind.

Spirits: Newfangled American whiskeys go beyond rye, bourbon:

"With his plaid shirt, cowboy hat and neatly trimmed mustache, Jess Graber is as quintessentially Western as sagebrush and the Marlboro Man. So when Graber decided to enter the whiskey business several years ago, he realized that making an eastern whiskey such as bourbon or rye just didn't feel right."

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