Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Naughty BBQ Smiles

Andy, the eating machine, takes on Memphis BBQ.

Inhuman Eating Machine: IEM Session #6- Something Ain't Kosher Here- Special Memphis BBQ Sandwich Edition


Didn't stick it in deep enough.

Two thousand and strange: offbeat stories of the year:

" Russians have long used drink to take the edge off workplace stress: one man's senses were so dulled he failed to notice a knife stuck in his back by a colleague."


Time to Reboot America - NYTimes.com:

"My fellow Americans, we can’t continue in this mode of “Dumb as we wanna be.” We’ve indulged ourselves for too long with tax cuts that we can’t afford, bailouts of auto companies that have become giant wealth-destruction machines, energy prices that do not encourage investment in 21st-century renewable power systems or efficient cars, public schools with no national standards to prevent illiterates from graduating and immigration policies that have our colleges educating the world’s best scientists and engineers and then, when these foreigners graduate, instead of stapling green cards to their diplomas, we order them to go home and start companies to compete against ours."


Attempting to stop teenagers from having sex is like trying to stop a dog that is predisposed to eat cat shit.


Many Teens Don't Keep Virginity Pledges:

"MONDAY, Dec. 29 (HealthDay News) -- Teens who take virginity pledges are just as likely to have sex as teens who don't make such promises -- and they're less likely to practice safe sex to prevent disease or pregnancy, a new study finds."

Sometimes it's just a fart, though.

Smiles Are Innate, Not Learned:

"From sneers to full-blown smiles, our facial expressions are hardwired into our genes, suggests a new study.

The researchers compared the facial expressions from more than 4,800 photographs of sighted and blind judo athletes at the 2004 Summer Olympics and Paralympic Games."

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