Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nude People Got.... Some Reason...

Yes, the nudes have rights... but short people?..... fuck those guys.

Wis. court: Nude people still have privacy rights:

"A state appeals court ruled Tuesday that a person who is voluntarily nude in the presence of another still has privacy rights against being secretly videotaped, in a decision that bolsters Wisconsin's video voyeur law."

I'll bet you a bazillion dollars that the Sonoma, Mendocino and Humboldt coast will never, ever see a platform raised.

Imagine 100,000 personal watercraft off of these coastlines raising unheard of holy hell. It will make Greenpeace look like a flotilla of intertubes.

NorCal folks know how to stop some shit from going down... and they will most definitely prevent this from ever happening.

Bush is cute when he thinks the state of California will take any of his last minute bullshit.

Fuck that guy.

Drillers eye oil reserves off California coast:

"The federal government is taking steps that may open California's fabled coast to oil drilling in as few as three years, an action that could place dozens of platforms off the Sonoma, Mendocino and Humboldt coasts, and raises the specter of spills, air pollution and increased ship traffic into San Francisco Bay."

Speaking of 'Fuck that guy'....

Should of been a Top 2000 list.


Blogged about this previous. I love this guy and I hope he expands it across the U.S. or people take up similar causes virally.

Ex-cop debuts first 'KopBusters' trailer


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