Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alabama Icons and Assholes

Vote for DBT and Jason Isbell in today's first round!

Choose Alabama's Top Music Icon: Vote Now - Reports from The Birmingham News -


Troy King needs to be behind bars. Alabama politicians... stupid is as stupid does.

Federal Grand Jury probes actions of AG - Inside -

"A federal grand jury met in Montgomery last week and according to sources close to the investigation heard testimony from a number of witnesses in what appears to be an investigation of Alabama Attorney General Troy King. King, questioned Monday, denies any knowledge of the investigation."

George Jones?

Police: Man driving with 3 tires charged with DUI:

"Authorities charged a man with driving under the influence early Monday after police pulled him over for driving a car with only three tires. Police said an officer spotted a 27-year-old man driving without a rear passenger tire."

Funny headline... not so funny article.

`Fight club' bouts probed at home for the retarded


For the geeks. Can't wait to see what technology will be like in 20 years.


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