Monday, March 09, 2009

Losing Their Religion

That's right. Come to pappa.

More Americans say they have no religion:

"Still, the study found that the numbers of Americans with no religion rose in every state.

'No other religious bloc has kept such a pace in every state,' the study's authors said."

Ex-religious right founder Frank Shaeffer saw the light and has been writing some point-on blog posts for the Huffington Post.

Frank Schaeffer: Why Obama Must Not Work With Republicans:

"Christian Zionists support all violent actions by Israel for any reason because in the fevered evangelical mind the nation of Israel is presently standing in for Jesus-the-avenger-on-evildoers everywhere, i.e. Arabs, all of whom (according to the born-again porn peddlers) are soon destined to burn anyway! So, who cares if 10 Israeli deaths from Hamas' rockets fired into southern Israel are avenged by the killing of 1,300 men women and children in Gaza?USA! USA! Go Jesus! Time for another godly session on my Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game! Hurry Jesus come back and kill em' all.

And that is the Republican's base. Good luck to President Obama trying to find bipartisan solutions to our world wide problems with these folks."

Simple answer to Schaeffer's simple question: Because they're Republicans.

Frank Schaeffer: Why Are the Republicans Such Anti-Obama Liars?

Today the Republican Party is rooting for doom. And since the Republicans are now anti-American members of an Obama-must-fail insurgency, lies become a self-fulfilling prophecy: talk doom, and keep the economy in a panic and we may get what we wish for.

Don't conservative Republicans object to the lies? No, because the Republicans don't have any actual and traditional conservative followers left. The Republican base is now made up of religious and neoconservative ideologues, and the uneducated white underclass with a token person of color or two up front on TV to obscure the all-white, all reactionary all backward -- there-is-no-global-warming -- rube reality. Actual conservatives, let alone the educated classes, have long since fled.

The Republican religious nuts are rooting for Jesus to "rapture" them, not for America, and the neoconservatives are rooting for war and the Israeli hard liners, not for America. Truth (and sanity) are out the window.

So, what is the problem with lying to our faces, say, claiming that all American's taxes are going up when 95% of American's taxes are going to go down? Why not claim Obama is a socialist, even if he's not? Why not say anything at all to drive our country into a pit when losing is seen as winning? That, is all the Republicans have to offer America: more lies on a path to destruction from which the Republican "leadership" plans to resurrect themselves and "save" America from Obama.

It is always someone else's fault. Always.

Daily Kos: Limbaugh is the winger's fault, not anyone else's:

"Stung by the negative public reaction to Rush's takeover of the Republican Party, a new line of spin has been birthed by the crazies on the Right -- that the dastardly Democrats have conspired to push Limbaugh into the public debate to take away attention from the failed Obama Administration.

Yeah, yeah, laugh. It is hilarious, particularly because the American people are loving what Obama and the Democrats are doing. But before these blowhards start casting about for blame, maybe they should take a look in the mirror:"

This is pretty cool and probably one of the most important innovations (domestication of horses) that allowed humans to evolve.

Earliest domesticated horses dated 5,500 years ago


We got some rare-ass fish in our sinkholes back home.

Cave home to one of world's rarest fish | | Florence, AL:

"Just seeing the two Alabama cavefish was cause for optimism among the scientists. The Alabama cavefish, which is listed as a critically endangered species by the U.S, Fish and Wildlife Service, is one of the rarest fish in the world."


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Like I always say: going to church cured me of religion.

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