Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bachmann Youth Overdrive

Your bat-shit crazy modern Republican Party.

If they be accusing, they be a doing.

Bachmann fears ‘politically correct re-education camps for young people’:

"U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann says she fears the Obama administration will create “re-education camps for young people, where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward and then they have to go to work in some of these politically correct forums.” Audio after the jump.

Here’s what Bachmann said on Minnesota radio station KTLK-AM (podcast) this weekend (in reference to The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, a proposed expansion of the AmeriCorps program that Obama may sign into law this week):"

You'll be doing 'god's work' if you prevent people from voting for your fundie candidate of choice. Get it?

Why, oh, why doth Huckabee and Co. hate democracy so?

Huckabee Jokes About Keeping Voters Away from the Polls in VA Gubernatorial Election:

"While out on the stump for VA's Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, former Gov. Mike Huckabee made an hysterical joke to the laughing assembled crowd of Republicans, instructing them to 'Do the lord's work' by not letting voters to the polls if they don't plan to vote for McDonnell.

HUCKABEE: You have two jobs. One - get all those people who are gonna vote for Bob out to the polls and vote. If they're not gonna vote for Bob, you have another job. Let the air out of their tires and do not let them out of their driveway on Election Day. Keep 'em home. Do the lord's work, my friend. I'm giving you an opportuninty...yes, do the right thing."

I've been wondering the past few days what that exploding sound was..... Twas fundie heads going pop. Sounds like victory.

Obama to Turkey: We are not a Christian or Jewish or Muslim nation:

"President Obama told reporters in Turkey that America is not defined by any one religion. 'I've said before that one of the great strengths of the United States is, although as I mentioned we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values,' said the president."

Yes, Reid, suck it. And we're coming after your sorry ass too.

MoveOn To Reid And Van Hollen: Sorry, We’re Not Backing Off | The Plum Line:

"MoveOn has a message for Harry Reid, DCCC chair Chris Van Hollen, and anyone else who may want the group to stop pressuring moderate Dems to support the President’s agenda: Forget about it.

MoveOn officials privately told people close to Van Hollen that they will keep targeting moderate Dems with ads, calls, and emails when circumstances warrant, according to a source familiar with their discussions."

Damn socialist hippie Europeans with their crazy-ass laws that make sense and improve quality of life.

Portugal's drug decriminalization 'bizarrely underappreciated': Greenwald:

But with the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal, drug reformers can now point to empirical evidence that demonstrates that decriminalization has positive affects.

As Greenwald writes in the report, “By freeing its citizens from the fear of prosecution and imprisonment for drug usage, Portugal has dramatically improved its ability to encourage drug addicts to avail themselves of treatment. The resources that were previously devoted to prosecuting and imprisoning drug addicts are now available to provide treatment programs to addicts.”"

Meanwhile, back in the states, we eek along....

Hemp Bill Introduced In Congress:

"A bipartisan group of agitating members of Congress introduced legislation Thursday to allow farmers to grow industrial hemp.

Currently eight states -- Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, and West Virginia -- allow industrial hemp production or research, but federal law, which requires nearly-impossible-to-obtain-permits to grow hemp, trumps those state laws. The new bill would allow states to craft their own policy.

Hemp, a cousin of marijuana that can't get you stoned, is considered by the Drug Enforcement Administration to be a controlled substance because it kind of looks like pot. Synthetic fabric makers have long opposed hemp, which they see as competition.

The United Sates is the only nation that blocks its farmers from growing hemp, though hemp products are legal to import and to sell. Somebody would have to smoke several acres worth of hemp, which has negligible psychoactive properties, for that policy to make any sense."

Some states are further along that others....

Panel Votes To Decriminalize Less Than Half-Ounce Of Marijuana -- Courant.com:

"On a groundbreaking vote, the legislature's judiciary committee decided Tuesday night to decriminalize marijuana possession for adults 18 and older who have less than half an ounce of the drug.

Under a compromise, the marijuana laws would not change for anyone under 18, and the amount that would be decriminalized was reduced from less than 1 ounce to less than half an ounce. The possession of small amounts would no longer be a crime and would instead be an infraction with a maximum fine of $250 that could be paid like a speeding ticket.

Some Democratic legislators, including Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney of New Haven, have been pushing hard this year for decriminalization, saying that doing so could save the state more than $11 million in law enforcement costs annually because far fewer people would be sent to state Superior Court to be overseen by prosecutors and probation officials. If marijuana users were issued a ticket that could be paid by mail, they would no longer need to go to court.

The bill passed 24-14 in the Democratic-dominated committee, and the highest-ranking Republican who voted for the measure was deputy House Republican leader William Hamzy of Plymouth."

But, but, but.....

Marijuana helps in battle against cancer: study:

"Marijuana helps in battle against cancer: study

The main chemical in marijuana appears to aid in the destruction of brain cancer cells, offering hope for future anti-cancer therapies, researchers in Spain wrote in a study released Thursday."

Why didn't I.... damn, headline already in use.

Why Didn't I Think Of That?: Bacon Lube - Geekologie


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