Monday, April 06, 2009

Exponential Times

Wonder which 'news' channel this guy watched on a regular basis? Wonder which talk radio shows he listened to?

Beck/O'Liely/Hannity/Dobbs/Bachmann/Coulter et al.... I'm sure they didn't even bother to wash the blood off of their hands this weekend.

Richard Poplawski, Gunman 'Lying In Wait,' Kills 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers:

"Police Chief Nate Harper said the motive for the shooting isn't clear, but friends said the gunman recently had been upset about losing his job and feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns."

Balloon Juice � Blog Archive � Glenn Beck’s America:

"And, of course, when you point out that certain individuals with all their talk about “revolution” and “armed insurrection” are inciting this kind of behavior in unstable people, you will get howls of protest about the 1st Amendment and what not. Sure, crazy people do crazy things. But that doesn’t make it responsible to encourage them, which is what a lot of really foolish people are doing right now for purely political reasons."

Will they stand with a cop killer?:

"We have had killings where the stated motive was to kill liberals. We now have a man killing cops because 'Obama wants to take away our guns', which is a flat out lie being perpetuated by bottom feeders like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, 'Human Events' and others within the right wing hate machine. Leading republicans, including the most recent Vice Presidential candidate (and one of the republican Presidential contenders) joke about Obama being shot or try to link him to terrorists.

There is an increase in right wing militia activity. Fears and anger are deliberately being stoked in a violent and dangerous way. People have been killed. Multiple times (not people being killed multiple times, but multiple instances of people being killed in mass murders). And in the past, it was dismissed or explained away or excused for whatever reason by those who purposely incited violence with loaded terms or threats or just flat out lies. Hell, this isn't even about gun control laws. It is about LYING about gun control laws.

However, now their words and lies have resulted in three officers being killed. The rightists are faced with two facts: (1) They lied purposely about Obama’s 'hidden agenda to take away guns' and (2) because of this, a man shot and killed three police officers."

KKK revival and the Fox Noise Talking Heads.


Obama kicking ass.

Inside Obama's bank CEOs meeting:

"But President Barack Obama wasn’t in a mood to hear them out. He stopped the conversation and offered a blunt reminder of the public’s reaction to such explanations. “Be careful how you make those statements, gentlemen. The public isn’t buying that.”

“My administration,” the president added, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”"

Thank god.

My people grow stronger.

Meacham: The End of Christian America | Newsweek Religion |

According to the American Religious Identification Survey that got Mohler's attention, the percentage of self-identified Christians has fallen 10 percentage points since 1990, from 86 to 76 percent. The Jewish population is 1.2 percent; the Muslim, 0.6 percent. A separate Pew Forum poll echoed the ARIS finding, reporting that the percentage of people who say they are unaffiliated with any particular faith has doubled in recent years, to 16 percent; in terms of voting, this group grew from 5 percent in 1988 to 12 percent in 2008—roughly the same percentage of the electorate as African-Americans. (Seventy-five percent of unaffiliated voters chose Barack Obama, a Christian.) Meanwhile, the number of people willing to describe themselves as atheist or agnostic has increased about fourfold from 1990 to 2009, from 1 million to about 3.6 million. (That is about double the number of, say, Episcopalians in the United States.)

Did you know?


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