Thursday, April 23, 2009

A 'Bone by any Other Name....

OMG. Slobberbone is going to tour! More later.....

Via JennB:

"IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Slobberbone will be on the road for a short midwest tour in august. Dates are still being confirmed. So far, this is what we have- Aug. 13- Chicago/Abbey Pub Aug. 14- Port Washington, Wisconsin Aug. 16- 18 Green Bay, Wisconsin/Oneida Casino with Jason Isbell Aug. 21- Dallas/Granada Theater I will keep you updated on the Minneapolis and St. Louis shows once they are finalized. Thanks, jess"

Shepard Smith is the only occasional good thing at FAUX.

The Raw Story | Fox anchor: 'This is America! We do not fucking torture':

"Fox News' Shepard Smith is pissed.

Speaking on Fox News' online webcast, The Strategy Room, the Fox anchor responded brashly to the question of whether the United States should use torture in interrogating detainees.

'We are America! I don't give a rat's ass if it helps,' Smith declared. 'We are America! We do not fucking torture!'

Of course they did.

Bush Administration Ignored Military's Strong Opposition To Torture Program


Now were getting to the bottom of things.

Cheney Memos Released!


This guy never saw the original Indiana Jones or he would have known better.

Man tries to attack cops with ax, knife, sword


Awful.... just terrible... that I don't have an iPhone.

Apple under fire over iPhone 'Baby Shaker'


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