Friday, April 24, 2009

Coachella 2009 - Booker T and DBT

I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday session of Coachella to see DBT plus Booker T and the DBTs perform.

Lots of people to thank for this pleasure: Patterson and DBT and Christine for hooking me up with tickets and some sweet VIP passes. Traci Thomas for putting me in touch with Coachella's press people. Alex Greenberg, press liaison for Coachella who graced me up with a photo pass that allowed me to get up close and sweaty with some real photographers during the sets.

My good friend Kim (Kimtucky) who, upon a last minute invite, trucked it all the way to Indio from the Bay Area.

Thanks to all for a damn good time.

Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of festivals but I must say that Coachella is a grade-A, class act production. One that I'm seriously considering attending next year, DBT or not.

The polo field grass at the Coachella fair grounds made walking around to the various stages and art exhibits a delightful experience for the knees and the feet. Like a plush carpet it was.

Great weather, though it did get a bit toasty on Saturday.

Sat near Perry Farrell in the VIP section. Dude has got a large head... literally.

Checked out Calexico a great band from Tuscon.

OK, without any further 'blah-blah' here are some pictures. Click on them for the larger, more detailed versions:

The Globe that greeted us upon arrival to the field.

Art thingy structure that wasn't listed in the booklet. Art as shade. Very practical.

La Familia Divina-Shrine

Main Stage

Umm, some two-legged bio art. Lots of these types of pieces wandering the festival. (OK, OK... the amount of eye candy at Coachella is ridiculous. When you're pulling from PHX, L.A., Vegas and San Diego you're pulling nothing but the A-team.

Wide shot of the Do Lab

Drinky-poos in the VIP

Kimtucky getting her couch on.

VIP smoking lounge... which didn't make much sense at an outdoor festival... until you realize that it had aircon.

To the right the VIP cocktail lounge... with couches and aircon. I called this place 'Nirvana'.

Cauac Twins (the largest and most powerful twin tesla coils in the world)

Serpent Mother from SF (SM got fired up at night... literally)


Hand of Man (loved this one. It rocked out and crushed stuff)

Festival layout

Joss Stone performing on the main stage. Zexy

DBT performing at the Outdoor Theatre


Tad from The Hold Steady sitting in on People Who Died.

Booker T and DBTs at the Gobi Tent

I never could nail my camera settings for the Booker T and DBT show. Sun was setting and I was too blissed out to see DBT and Booker together that I didn't struggle long with the camera before I sat back and enjoyed this incredible performance.

All of the photogs up front were crowded around Booker so the only shots I got were microphone enhanced.

Sharp Dresser

Again, thanks to all for a much needed exercusion to the California desert.

I'll leave with with some NSFW Coachella tasering. Two thoughts on this... the cops were really good in this situation. They gave the dude every chance they could. 2. Mushrooms must cause shrinkage.

Naked Wizard Taser Brawl At Coachella (VIDEO NSFW):

"The officer grabs the gown and tosses to the Naked Wizard, but he casts it away again. Then the cops put on their rubber gloves, and things get ugly.

Herewith, the best Tasering video since 'Don't Tase me bro!'"



Townser said...

Sh*t, and I had just gotten over my man crush. Looks like an amazing time. I was wondering whether "blissed out" is some sort of code, because I seem to have a tendency to get blissed out! Also, Calexico is amazing. I have been into them for several years. Their live stuff is readily available on the 'nets and to top it off, they cover the Minutemen. Talk about bliss.

JPW said...

I could tell yer love was waning, T. :D

Yeah, I need to hit the record store and load up on some Calexico. They're a mighty fine band.