Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Facebook Vampires

What Kos says about Specter.

I would have much rather ran a progressive (who would have won) than have Specter as a Dem from PA.

WH may have cut a 'no primary opponent' deal but that doesn't mean jack shit if someone wants to run. The netroots will fund him/her so screw all of the national Dem orgs.

It is not like Specter is going to be a 60th vote or anything.

The only good thing about this is watching Republican heads explode.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

"In some ways, Specter's switch doesn't give us anything much. As his statement says, he's not switching back on EFCA, he won't be a reliable Democratic vote, and he'll probably duke it out with Lieberman to be the most obnoxious anti-Democratic voice from within the caucus.

On the other hand, he was going to lose his primary and we'd easily pick up the seat against Toomey, giving us a real Democrat in that seat. Doesn't seem like a great deal.

This move is about political survival, and nothing more. Specter's overriding concern is staying in the Senate, and he'll bend whatever conviction is necessary to make that happen. And since it was clear he wasn't going to survive a primary challenge, well, he did what he needed to do. I wouldn't be surprised, if the Dems pick up a good primary challenger to Specter, for the incumbent to suddenly re-find religion on EFCA. It's not as if Specter believes in anything beyond his title and choice parking spot near the Capitol."

Blood is on your hands Beck/Hannity/et al.

Joshua Cartwright, Cop-Killing Gunman, "Severely Disturbed" Over Obama's Election:

"The couple started brawling in their Florida apartment. Elizabeth managed to escape and get herself to a hospital and call the police, but Joshua didn't stop raging until after he had killed two sheriff's deputies at a gun range, and police officers shot him dead.

According to the police report, Elizabeth Cartwright said her husband 'believed that the US Government was conspiring against him. She said he had been severely disturbed that Barack Obama had been elected President.'"

Damn, damn, damn. Didn't know about this. Damn!

Winery creates buzz with dream job offer:

"(04-28) 19:57 PDT -- The dream job offer is this: Get paid $10,000 a month for six months to drink wine, learn and talk about wine, eat good food, live rent free in Healdsburg and play the occasional game of poker with a laid-back staff."

I left you behind for a reason.

The vampires of Facebook / Could it actually be dangerous to connect with everyone you ever knew?:

"From an energy perspective, Facebook is a goddamn cord-makin' wonderland, a sort of psychic Grand Central, the place where psychic energy goes to jack itself back into the mainframe. It's tens of millions of people peeking and poking and peering into the lives of those they know, those they want to know, those they like or love or hate or begrudge or secretly want to peel the pants from and lick like a popsicle in summer.

It's a notion that struck me as I realized that nearly everyone who's ever played a reasonably significant role in my life, both past and present, has since found and reconnected with me, initially via email through the digital reach of this very column over the years, but now far more actively and vividly through my Facebook profile (or, to a lesser extent, my Twitter feed). It's sort of stunning, really.

Old girlfriends, lost loves, long-forgotten friends, high school sweethearts, band mates, roommates, old nemeses, lots of former cheerleaders turned born-again Christian megamoms, and everything in between. All those old connections, those lives and chapters and periods of my life I thought I'd left behind so cleanly, so decisively, way back when? Here they all are again, like a living scrapbook, constantly renewing and updating itself. What a thing."

Now THIS is how one goes about a bender.

Laid-off Russian stuns doctors with drinking bout:

"MOSCOW (AFP) – Russians are no strangers to vodka, but a binge by one laid-off factory worker who consumed an estimated eight bottles in a session had even seasoned doctors gasping in astonishment."

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