Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bacon Flu

Guess who wrote this in 97....

'As I said in China this spring, there is no place for abuse in what must be considered the family of man. There is no place for torture and arbitrary detention. There is no place for forced confessions. There is no place for intolerance of dissent.' 'While we walked through the Rotunda. I explained to President Jiang how the roots of American rule of law go back more than 700 years, to the signing of the Magna Carta. The foundation of American values, therefore, is not a passing priority or a temporary trend."
He was against torture before he was for it.

Gingrich Condemned Torture In '97: Violates The "Foundation Of American Values"


Washington, D.C. -- House Speaker Newt Gingrich released the following statement today following his meeting with Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

Simplest governing strategy evah is to do the exact opposite of what any Republican wants.

GOP Stripped Flu Pandemic Preparedness From Stimulus:

"Remember way back in the day, President Obama delivered his Not Really The State Of The Union address, and the GOP trotted out Future Of The Republican Party Supra-Genius Bobbly Jindal to provide a rebuttal? Well, we all had some laughs, didn't we? Mainly because Jindal was all: 'They want to spend stimulus money on volcano monitoring? Why everyone knows that the Hill Witch keeps tabs on our volcanoes by floating chicken bones in her own intestinal ichor!' And then Alaska's Mount Redoubt erupted, suggesting there might be something to this 'let's monitor volcanoes with government-funded science' idea.

Well, as it turns out, volcano monitoring wasn't the only worthwhile public safety program that was deemed extravagant in the stimulus package, funding for pandemic preparation was axed as well. And playing a critical role was Susan Collins -- for whom the necessity of obtaining her vote is in inverse proportion to the intelligence she shows in policy making:"

But not this guy. He's a needle in a hay stack.

It bears repeating: We won.

Think Progress � Rep. Ryan: Democrats have a ‘right’ to use budget reconciliaton.:

"Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration have floated using 'budget reconciliation' to pass health care reform -- where only 51 votes would be required for approval of a bill -- to bypass the increasing number of Republican filibuster threats. In response, Senate Republicans have said they would 'grind the Senate to a virtual halt'; Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) explained that reconciliation would be 'the nuclear war.' Today, GOP up-and-comer Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), however, said it is Democrats' 'right' to use budget reconciliation:

“It's their right. They did win the election,” said Ryan, R-Wis. “That’s what I tell all my constituents who are worried about this. They won the election. They did run on these ideas. They did run on nationalizing health care. So, you're right about that. They have the votes with reconciliation. They nailed down the process so that they can make sure they have the votes and that they can get this thing through really fast. It is their right. It is what they can do.”

Notably, much of President Bush's agenda was passed in Republican-controlled Congresses using budget reconciliation. At the Wonk Room, Igor Volsky writes that reconciliation is the key to achieving health care reform."

Let's see... who spent time in Indonesia as a child... who was that.... hmmm....

Not saying Obama is the reason... but it sure don't hurt.

In Indonesia, Islamists Lost Political Ground - NYTimes.com:

"JAKARTA, Indonesia — From Pakistan to Gaza and Lebanon, militant Islamic movements have gained ground rapidly in recent years, fanning Western fears of a consolidation of radical Muslim governments. But here in the world’s most populous Muslim nation just the opposite is happening, with Islamic parties suffering a steep drop in popular support.

In parliamentary elections this month, voters punished Islamic parties that focused narrowly on religious issues, and even the parties’ best efforts to appeal to the country’s mainstream failed to sway the public."


Gore Tells Off Republican AssHat Congresswoman


The difference between a fine and a misdemeanor or having to register as a sex offender? Depends on who is doing the arresting.

ACLU lobbying for changes in nudity laws : County News : Boulder Daily Camera


Swine flu. Yawn.


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