Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fuzzy Dice

I mean.... The snark writes itself.

Supporting The Tea Parties From The Comfort Of Your Car (VIDEO):

"A Fox fan wrote in saying he would hang tea bags from his rear-view mirror and antennae because he couldn't make it to the actual protests and Gretchen Carlson piped in saying, 'you could hang it from your mirror too like fuzzy dice.' Yes Gretchen, yes."

You know what we call 100,000 people protesting just in San Francisco?


100,000 nation wide? Quite the Astroturf.

Media Matters - Lowering the bar:

"Marc Ambinder, writing 'In Defense Of The Tax-Day Tea Parties':

Their origins -- organic, programmatic, accidental or otherwise -- don't matter much anymore. If -- and we'll have to see the numbers at the end of the day -- 100,000 Americans show up to protest their taxes, the onus to dismiss them as a nascent political force shifts to the Democrats.

Really? 100,000 people showing up for nationwide protests doesn't seem all that impressive. It's 2,000 people per state."

This is brilliant and worth the read.

There is a sucker born every minute.... then those suckers grow up to become Republicans.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

"If you don't believe the title, consider that a number of conservatives believed that Laura Bush racked up nearly a million dollars in gambling debt during her international trips as First Lady, and that there was a provision in the stimulus to pay it off.

And that they believed it based on an unsourced, nameless Twitter account.

Back during the debate for HR 1, I was amazed at how easily conservatives were willing to accept and repeat lies about spending in the stimulus package, even after those provisions had been debunked as fabrications. The $30 million for the salt marsh mouse is a perfect example, and Kagro X documented well over a dozen congressmen repeating the lie.

To test the limits of this phenomenon, I started a parody Twitter account last Thursday, which I called 'InTheStimulus', where all the tweets took the format 'InTheStimulus is $x million for ______'. I went through the followers of Republican Twitter feeds and in turn followed them, all the way up to the limit of 2000. From people following me back, I was able to get 500 followers in less than a day, and 1000 by Sunday morning."

Get the fuck out.

Perry: Fed up Texans might soon want to secede | Top Stories |


Another scary gay storm is gathering.



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