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DBT Week in Review - 5/1/09


Drive-By Truckers:

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Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood's 'Love Songs' Due This Summer


McClain Johnson's Music Site - Artist Interviews, Concert Photos, and Articles:

"How do the songwriting styles of everyone in the band differ?
Cooley has to be locked in a steam room and have them drawn out with sweat. Shonna prefers dry heat. I fly kites on stormy nights."

Scott Baxendale's DBTs @ Jazz Fest With Booker T. Photo Album - MySpace Photos

Picasa Web Albums - DBTs - New Album 4/25/09 11:04 AM


Wherein EZB shows up on a birthday list at the end of a Susan Boyle makeover article.

People: Brit singing star Susan Boyle gets a makeover -

Movie director-producer Richard Donner (79), actress Shirley MacLaine (75), author Sue Grafton (69), actor-singer Michael Parks (69), actress-singer-director Barbra Streisand (67), Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (67), country singer Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys (66), rock musician Doug Clifford of Creedence Clearwater Revival (64), actor-playwright Eric Bogosian (56), actor Michael O'Keefe (54), rock musician David J of Bauhaus (52), actor Glenn Morshower (50), rock musician Billy Gould (46), actor-comedian Cedric the Entertainer (45), actor Djimon Hounsou (45), rock musician Patty Schemel (42), actress Melinda Clarke (40), Latin pop singer Alejandro Fernandez (38), rock musician Brad Morgan of Drive-By Truckers (38), actor Derek Luke (35), actor Eric Balfour (32), country singer Rebecca Lynn Howard (30), singer Kelly Clarkson (27), rock singer-musician Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects (25)."

Great interview. If you haven't read Dixie Lullaby, you should.

Swampland: Mark Kemp: The Gritz Interview

That has to be a great memory for you. If someone asked you to answer the question "what is Southern Rock?" What would you say?

That’s a hard one, because it was always really just a marketing term made up by the record companies and perpetuated by rock critics. That’s why it isn’t in the title of my book. The narrow definition is: “the mix of blues, rock, country and boogie typified by Lynyrd Skynyrd.’ But these days, any rock from the South is called Southern Rock. Hell, I saw it used recently in a Spin magazine review of Jason Isbell’s new album, complete with all the stereotypes. The very first line was: “Southern rock is a minefield of rebel flags, drinking songs, and dudes yelling ‘Free Bird!’” In fifteen words, the writer reduced rock music from the South to the most inane generalization possible – and we’re talking about music that ranges from Booker T and the MG’s and Big Star to the Allmans and Skynyrd to the Black Crowes, the North Mississippi All Stars and the Drive By Truckers. Of course, that dude’s glib remark is more a comment on the sad state of music criticism and how these days we have to telescope big ideas into sound bites. But to me, if you’re going to define “Southern Rock,” it should be anything from Elvis, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash to Otis Redding and Ray Charles to the Allmans and Skynyrd to R.E.M. and Ryan Adams and the Drive By Truckers straight up to Goodie Mobb and OutKast. It’s rock & roll (and my definition of “rock & roll” is pretty broad) that’s made in the South and embodies some of the rhythm and nuance of the region.

Father and son brought to you by DBT:


Booker T and DBT

Truckers bring guitar blare and emotion to Acura Stage -

"Turns out that with the Truckers, you can take away the words and still find a narrative"

@ Coachella.


Potato Hole : Booker T. : Review : Rolling Stone:

"It's fitting that Patterson Hood, son of Muscle Shoals bassist David Hood, should record with his dad's Southern-soul peer, 64-year-old Stax-session kingpin Booker T. Jones. Add Neil Young and Hood's bandmates in Drive-By Truckers, and what might've been a generic awards-show jam turns out to be a badass set of MG's-style instrumentals. Jones' sweet, thick Hammond B-3 riffs are spiked with Truckers' roughneck (and surprisingly funky) Southern rock and some exceptionally lyrical, focused Young guitar leads. The originals feel like old standards. But the cover of OutKast's 'Hey Ya' is the zinger: It's Southern race-mixing party music come full circle."

Booker T Jones with the Drive-By Truckers perform 'Get Behind the Mule' live at the East Coast Blues and Roots Music Festival also known as Bluesfest.
The festival is held over 5 days every Easter in Byron Bay, Australia.
This performance was on the festival's Crossroads stage on Monday night April 13, 2009.


Booker T. Jones shifts his soul sound to solid rock -

"So Jones, who now lives north of San Francisco, took a series of courses at local universities -- not unusual for a man who was taking college classes during the MGs' peak years. He also decided it was time to record for the first time in 20 years, turning to a new page in the Booker T. book. The result is his new album, 'Potato Hole' (Anti), which came out Tuesday. Read EW's favorable review of 'Potato Hole'

'Potato Hole,' which includes support from the Southern roots band the Drive-By Truckers and old hand Neil Young -- who used a regrouped Booker T. and the MGs as his backup band several years ago -- finds Jones in a hard-rocking mood. Guitars and powerful drums dominate as much as Jones' faithful Hammond B-3 organ, and the songs include a clever take on OutKast's 'Hey Ya' as well as the rousing 'Space City' and the seven-minute title cut jam. (A potato hole, incidentally, was the place underneath the floorboards of a shack where slaves kept extra food.)"

New York Music - Booker T. Jones, Man at Work - page 1:

"Booker T. Jones's alarmingly raucous new record, Potato Hole, is a more vital component of your next barbecue than the meat, the booze, and the other people. As our globally warmed nation wantonly disavows spring as a concept altogether and leaps directly from winter to summer, the sexagenarian Hammond B3 virtuoso returns to cool us off with what he proudly, defiantly calls 'a straight-up rock record,' backed in alternately surly and exuberant fashion by both Southern-rock titans the Drive-By Truckers and, just for the hell of it, honorary Southern-rock titan Neil Young. They swing, they slither, they bash around, they take a shot at 'Hey Ya.' In just a few years, the absurdly infectious pop-soul smash 'Green Onions,' brought to you by beloved Stax Records house band Booker T. and the MGs, will be a half-century old. Dollars to doughnuts that, at this exact moment, he still feels (and sounds) younger than you do."

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit


Live at Paste - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit :: Live at Paste :: A/V :: Paste


Dexateens Blogs - Dexateens MySpace Blog:

"Brothers and sisters,
Let's ignore the fact that we posted two songs from our forthcoming record a few weeks ago. Today is the official leak of our song 'Down Low,' along with matching video made by Alabama's own Andy Grace. (Check out his other really cool projects at

All this hoopla is in preparation for the release of Singlewide on May the 12th.

You can pre-order the record here. All of y'all who pre-order will get a special silk-screened poster featuring the artwork of the Druid City Dream, John Smith.

We're also still taking submissions for the 'Caption' video. If you get a wild hair, shoot a high-res image of yourself -- along with a caption in the body of the e-mail -- to:

Speaking of videos, this is a link to our promo video starring Tuscaloosan favorite son and Olympic medalist Deontay Wilder, and all of us (excepting Matt, anyway).

Here at our MySpace you will see a jived-up version of the artwork and one additional brand new song from Singlewide that is called 'Trail'

Tour dates for our May tour are here also. come see us play.

And lastly, we have a new website, with fresh new T-shirt designs that are for sale.

This is the news from Buhl, Alabama.

New South, New Values,


Singlewide | The Tripwire

Deaxteens have always displayed diy ethics. The band managed to capitalize on their growing notoriety by parleying it into a distribution deal for their label Cornelius Chapel. Released through Thirty Tigers and Sony’s Red Distribution, the new record Singlewide is released in conjunction with fellow Alabama indie Skybucket Records. Singlewide dispenses almost entirely with the blazing guitars that played so much of a part in their early music. The band approached the record with a Creedence state of mind, building every song around an acoustic guitar and really pushing the harmonies. They found a sympathetic production ear in Nashville maverick Mark Evers, solidifying his role as the go-to guy for recording oddball Nash Vegas stuff like Bobby Bare Jr. and The Silver Jews.

The Dexateens are no stranger to rocking, but with the help of Evers, Singlewide finds the band exploring more of their quiet side. “New Boy” is a beautiful song reminiscent of the slower Two Cow Garage material that seems ripe for drunken singalongs. “Hang On” is just as lovely, a chiming Big Star homage that screams to be played way too loudly on a car radio. The record builds to the closing “Can You Whoop It”. Former Silver Jew Dave Berman makes a guest appearance, responding in a robotic affirmative to the seemly rhetorical question. It’s that song that seems to embody the Dexateens aesthetic: the narrator avers that he likes Ronnie Dio, Vaseline and living “in the space that compromise provides”. That simple statement crystallizes succinctly the two worlds that Dexateens straddle. Equal parts soulful croon and raging bombast, Singlewide makes every song seem like one you’ve sung along to a million times. If they have any say in the matter, Dexateens will have you sing along a million times more.


Muscle Shoals Sound

Exploring the history of Muscle Shoals music | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL

Funky. That sums up the bass-thumping, proud Muscle Shoals Sound, said music historian Terry Pace.

Music News

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Global music sales tumble by 8%:

"Global music sales fell by more than 8% to $18.42bn (�12.67bn) in 2008, according to the body that represents the record industry worldwide.

Physical formats like CDs and vinyl performed particularly badly - dropping by 15% globally and 31% in the US.

Sales of digital formats like MP3s and ringtones grew by 24% worldwide but failed to make up the shortfall.

This is partly due to the lower price of downloads, but also because people tend not to buy entire albums online."

Okla. governor intervenes in Flaming Lips flap:

"OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma lawmakers who voted against making a Flaming Lips tune the official state rock song represent a minority of 'small-minded religious wackos,' the band's lead singer says.

Most state House members voted for a resolution recognizing 2002's 'Do You Realize??,' but conservatives who said they were offended by the band's clothing and language mustered enough votes to keep it from being adopted."

AFP: Queen fan pays thousands for lesson from May:

"LONDON (AFP) — Queen guitarist Brian May is to give his first ever private lesson after a punter bid over 7,500 pounds to jam with the star in an auction to raise money for Brazilian street children.

The rock legend, best known for creating the riffs on 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'We Will Rock You,' will deliver a two-hour tutorial at his home following the auction in London late Wednesday, which raised over 30,000 pounds."

This is pretty funny. Future rock start in the making. He just needs some DBT to rock out to:


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