Friday, May 29, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 5/29/09


Big blog post from Patterson this week with all kinds of goodies:

Drive-By Truckers:

"DBT has a couple of new releases in the immediate pipeline:

First off, our Austin City Limits show from last fall will be released on July 7 on DVD. The DVD will include the entire performance (only about a third of it was aired when it came on TV).
This is by far the best live performance of ours ever caught on film.
We were on, the sound was excellent, and the production value top-notch. We loved playing on that stage and the crowd was fantastic.
It also features one of the last ever performances of '18 Wheels Of Love', featuring the full monologue and the sequel monologue.

Second in upcoming DBT News, on September 1st, New West will be releasing THE FINE PRINT (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008). We finished mixing it yesterday and are mastering it Thursday. It features 12 songs and maybe the most fun album we've ever made. Songs include 'George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues', 'Rebels', 'Play It All Night Long', 'TVA' and the original never released version of 'Goode's Field Road'."

Every young boys dream... Patterson playing at your wedding...


Listen to Bettye and DBT will viewing a sweet slide show:

((( artists den ))):

"Photographer Erika Goldring captured great moments from a special Artists Den performance by Booker T. and the Drive-By Truckers with special guest Bettye LaVette at the Patrick F. Taylor Library at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, University of New Orleans."

GLL is simply one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Here's a cover version. Nice:


Welcome to the wonderful world, Cooley Dale Smith! - Message Board • View topic - Lil Stroker...


Dexateen’s Chicago Premiere - Come Back Real Soon, Ya Hear? : Sound Citizen:

"Anyway - this is not your standard southern rock. And that was apparent from the moment the first chord rang out. Perhaps guitarist Lee Bains III’s AC/DC shirt and Gibson SG should have tipped me off. There are times when the Dexateens jam a hard rock sound, you can even hear some metal in there, but with a decidedly hillbilly heart - and I mean that in a great way. You can hear bluegrass in both the vocals and rhythms of every song and you get the feeling that it just comes out that way. It feels so deep-rooted in their sound that I don’t imagine they could play any other way even if they tried. At times I heard just hints of Neil Young, The Black Crowes and even some Kid Rock, believe it or not, but those are just my own music biases creeping in - the Dexateens have a sound all their own. And I dig it. They can slow it down too, like “Grandaddy’s Mouth.” (check out the partial video below.)

The Dexateens may have made their first Chicago stop this week, but it won’t be their last. I feel good about the staying power with this one. And so do the people at Austin City Limits, where they will be making an appearance."


EU pushes music industry to open up online rights - The Globe and Mail:

"EU antitrust regulators told the music industry Tuesday to move quickly and change licenses that currently restrict online music stores such as iTunes from offering the same songs for sale across Europe.

Internet music downloads in Europe lag behind those in the United States, pulling in just a fraction of revenues the record industry is losing from falling CD sales.

Part of the problem in Europe is that music rights are sold separately in each country, which has prevented Apple Inc (AAPL-Q130.097.596.20%) .'s iTunes from setting up a single store to service all of Europe. Instead, it has to seek licenses from each EU member state where it wishes to sell and to set up separate national stores with different music selections."

Members of Spinal Tap, On the Road Without the Wigs -


A Guitar Magazine Tests the Luxury Waters -

"One might assume that the new magazine Guitar Aficionado is a spinoff of the 17-year-old Cigar Aficionado. Both have covers with celebrities holding the featured prop (the chef Tom Colicchio with a 1963 guitar, Jay-Z with a stogie of a presumably more recent vintage). They both carry stories about alcohol, watches and men’s fashion, and ads for cigars and speakers. Also, both titles include the word “aficionado.”"

NPR: R.I.P. Jay Bennett:

"Today we say goodbye to the talented Jay Bennett, who brought a wonderful depth of sound to some of Wilco's best-loved records -- particularly my favorites, Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Bennett left the band in 2001, but his influence remains stamped on its sound"

Daily Kos: R.I.P. Jay Bennett:

"However, with this morning's news, we now know what drove Bennett to sue a former friend and bandmate: the threat of overwhelming medical bills. Like many artists and countless others who do not pursue traditional forms of employment, Bennett lacked health insurance. At the time of his death, Bennett was suffering from severe pain, and though he desperately needed hip replacement surgery, he was concerned that seeking help would send him spiraling into crippling debt. Despite the claims of health care industry apologists, many people like Bennett are beyond assistance. Struggling to secure a steady source of income early on, musicians are often forced to choose between their vocation and health insurance when they're young, and by the time they get old, they typically find themselves ineligible to receive coverage under any plan whatsoever.

Stories like this underline the desperate need for health reform that, at the very least, includes a public option. The United States needs artists and innovators who work outside the confines of the corporate safety net, and we should not be forcing them to choose between their health and the art that enriches all of our lives."


Matt Osborne said...

There's a tale told round the Shoals of a wedding Patterson and the band played many years ago... A drunken redneck making too many loud requests for "Freebird" and Patterson launching a paper airplane set aflame... "Here's yer fuckin freebird"

Jenny O'Brien said...

hi there folks,
I take it as a real compliment that ya liked my cover of GLL.. Saw Jason Isbell play in Galway last year, crackin' gig.

Smitty said...

Thanks for mentioning the birth of my son - I check your blog pretty much daily, thanks for keeping us up to date with the stuff that really matters

Cooley Dale's Dad

JPW said...

That's a good one, Matt. Several tales of Patterson's reaction to the 'play some skynyrd' comments. Advice to anyone going to see DBT... don't yell out 'Freebird'!

Jenny! Very nice cover. Great song, isn't it?

Smitty! My pleasure, man. Great name you put on your boy. Thanks for reading the blog. I appreciate it!