Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ketchup Code

Heartening for Dean to comment on Spector.

Carville is just trying to sell a book.

Dean, Carville Warn Specter: Shape Up Or Face Primary:

"Less than a week into his tenure as a Democrat and Sen. Arlen Specter is already stepping sharply on the toes of party elders. Key Democratic figures warned on Monday that their newly minted colleague, despite having the backing of the White House, could face a tough primary challenge should he continue to oppose key tenets of the party's agenda.

'I'm pleased that he saw the light and decided he would be a better fit for the Democratic Party and I think you have to allow for his political views to evolve,' said former DNC chairman Howard Dean in an interview with the Huffington Post. 'But he won't win the Democratic primary by taking the position that you should not have [the Employee Free Choice Act] or a public option for health insurance... If he takes these kinds of views, of course there is going to be a Democratic primary.'"

OK, so Neil Young was right about assholes like Sessions. Fucking embarrassment.

Sorry. Racist Fucking Embarrassment.

Jeff Sessions, Top GOPer On Judiciary, Demanded Up-Or-Down Vote On Alito:

"Sessions' dismal record on race -- including a black former assistant U.S. attorney's testimony that Sessions once said he 'used to think they [the Klan] were OK' until he found out some of them were 'pot smokers' -- was chronicled in a 2002 article in The New Republic."


Aren't the leaders of the modern Republican party, like, super-cute?

I'm sure he hates 'steers' too.

Palin and Joe in 2012!

Joe the Plumber: I won’t let ‘queers’ near my children, ‘and they know it’:

"Known legally as Samuel Wurzelbacher, “Joe” spoke of queers and remarked that he “wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children"

This is a way cool read.

Mission Impossible: The Code Even the CIA Can't Crack:

"Almost 20 years after its dedication, the text has yet to be fully deciphered. A bleary-eyed global community of self-styled cryptanalysts—along with some of the agency's own staffers—has seen three of its four sections solved, revealing evocative prose that only makes the puzzle more confusing. Still uncracked are the 97 characters of the fourth part (known as K4 in Kryptos-speak). And the longer the deadlock continues, the crazier people get."

"Whether or not our top spooks intended it, the persistent opaqueness of Kryptos subversively embodies the nature of the CIA itself—and serves as a reminder of why secrecy and subterfuge so fascinate us. 'The whole thing is about the power of secrecy,' Sanborn tells me when I visit his studio, a barnlike structure on Jimmy Island in Chesapeake Bay (population: 2). He is 6'7', bearded, and looks a bit younger than his 63 years. Looming behind him is his latest work in progress, a 28-foot-high re-creation of the world's first particle accelerator, surrounded by some of the original hardware from the Manhattan Project. The atomic gear fits nicely with the thrust of Sanborn's oeuvre, which centers on what he calls invisible forces."

Not just for fries anymore.

Five surprising uses for ketchup


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