Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comfort Wipe My Arse

This is just super.

Military accepting neo-Nazis, white supremacists, probe finds:

"The US military has effectively adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy concerning white supremacists and neo-Nazis in an effort to bolster recruiting and retention, an article published Monday says.

Numerous articles have detailed the Army’s recruiting woes in the wake of two ongoing US wars abroad. Soldiers are less likely to enlist — or re-enlist — when faced with possible death overseas, though recruiting has gotten easier during the current recession.

But the Army’s recruiting difficulties have opened the floodgates to those who’d otherwise be turned away: neo-Nazis, white supremacists and gang members."

"Shut your mouth and get your ass on the plane"

Man with fear of flying spending month on plane:

"NEW YORK – A man who says he's afraid to fly is spending the month of June living on a plane.

Mark Malkoff, 33, a comedian and filmmaker, boarded his first flight June 1 from LaGuardia in New York, where he lives, heading to Atlanta. He plans to stay on AirTran flights until June 30. The airline offers wireless Internet service, so Malkoff is posting updates about his trip on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and on his blog, http://www.MarkOnAirTran.com."

This may push me over the edge. It takes all my might not to kill someone talking on their phone in the gym/grocery store/etc. And if you're one of these assholes.... stop it!

Initially, probably hilarious watching idiots write in the air... but, ultimately gonna be deadly for someone.

Air Writing: Next Big Thing in Cell Phones? :

"Forget fumbling with tiny cell phone keys. A prototype of a new application allows cell phone users to write short notes in the air and send them automatically to an e-mail address.

This represents just one possible step toward allowing people to naturally merge the real world with the information power of the Internet. Travelers and other mobile users could air-write notes to themselves rather than have to text on the run.

'By holding the phone like a pen, you can write short messages or draw simple diagrams in the air,' said Sandip Agrawal, an electrical and computer engineering student at Duke University in North Carolina."

Not just restaurants... everywhere.

Get off my lawn!

Michael Bauer: Between Meals : Let's ban perfume from restaurants:

"I am a restaurant industry professional. I am often faced with the issue of having guests arrive at the restaurant reeking of cologne or perfume. To say that this is both obnoxious, and in some cases nauseating, is putting it lightly. Can you explain to your readers to impress upon them the importance of not overdoing the use of cologne or perfume when going to a restaurant?

I feel -- and smell -- your pain. To me it's almost worse than secondhand smoke. I've had clouds of stinky floral perfumes engulf me as I try to enjoy my meal. Not only does everything end up tasting like a truckload of gardenias, I leave with a headache."

It writes its own snark.

America. Fuck Yeah!



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And you thought the "Snuggie" was an awesome Xmas gift!

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