Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now Make Me Do It

Look, so, apparently the Obama DOJ and Administration has been screwing the gay rights issue something royally lately. I say apparently instead of 'obviously because, with Obama, he may seem to be fucking something up, then WHAM, it becomes apparent that the sandbagging had a purpose in the greater scheme of things.

So, this article from 1/2009 and the FDR quote.....

David Sirota: The "Make Him Do It" Dynamic:

"I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.' - Franklin Roosevelt"

...Relate to this, which came out yesterday, in a compelling way.

Obama to extend some benefits to same-sex partners - Ben Smith -

"Reacting to a rising tide of anger from gay and lesbian supporters at a series of slights and deferred promises, President Obama will tomorrow extend some benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees."

I'm doing a lot of tongue biting lately, as Obama has only been in office for 6 months, but it is interesting that Obama is really apply the 'now make me do it' in a way never seen before, which I think is potentially genius.

We'll see how it all plays out.



RJ Eskow: Could Doctors Go the Way of Record Companies?:

"Watching the AMA defend its turf on issues like doctor reimbursement is like watching the RIAA file copyright lawsuits against teenagers, even as its business model collapses around it. You can't fight your own market and win, and you can't fight yesterday's battles. Doctor groups should look more like think tanks and less like a lobbying groups. (Come to think of it, so should the RIAA.)"

Twitter will save the Republican Party! Not! FAIL!

Top 7 Conservative New Media FAILS So Far this Year | TPMDC



Woman suspected in 3 holdups within 35 minutes:

"Ohio authorities said they believe a woman held up three banks within just over a half-hour. Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards said based on the surveillance photos, it appears to be the same woman. Police said the first bank was hit at about 3:15 p.m. Monday, the second about a mile away at 3:30, and the third about three blocks farther at 3:50."

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