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DBT Week in Review - 6/19/09

This Sucks!

Pic by KellyD.

Roof collapses as Georgia Theatre burns in Athens |

"A major fire erupted Friday at the Georgia Theatre, an Athens landmark and center of the local music scene, police said.

The fire, which began around 7 a.m., inflicted major damage on the building.

Athens-Clarke County Fire Chief Chuck Gulley said the fire was contained but that the roof of the building had collapsed. He said there was no evidence that anyone was in the building when the fire broke out around 7 a.m."
I never got to attend a show at the GT, but I did spend a few nights sitting outside across from the old beauty during my Athens GA Getaway.

I know this place was near and dear to many a good friend. My heart goes out to y'all today.

But, knowing the folks in Athens, she won't stay down for long. She'll rise again.

Best part is nobody got hurt.

Hang in there, Athens!


Patterson Hood

Diversion needed.

How about the stellar new record from Patterson coming out on June 23rd.

Bunch of news on that front.

New tunes from Murdering Oscar have been uploaded to Patterson's MySpace:

Patterson Hood on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Best Cover Ever!


Album review: Patterson Hood's 'Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs)' | Turn It Up - A guided tour through the worlds of pop, rock and rap:
"Rating: 3 stars

The second solo release by the founder of Southern roots-rockers the Drive-By Truckers was nearly two decades in the making. Hood began cobbling together songs in the early ‘90s, but “Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs)” (Ruth St.) doesn’t sound like an odds-and-sods collection."

Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog � Diversions :: Patterson Hood on Back Lounge Days (And Nights):

"(Diversions, a recurring feature on Aquarium Drunkard, catches up with our favorite artists as they wax on subjects other than recording and performing.)

Murdering Oscar, the long delayed follow-up to Patterson Hood’s 2004 solo debut, Killers And Stars, will finally see the light of day June 23rd. Unlike the sparse, home-recorded, Killers And Stars, Hood’s new collection finds him in familiar company backed by Dave Barbe, Centro-matic’s Will Johnson and Scott Danborn, his father, the famed Muscle Shoals musician David Hood, as well as his DBT bandmates. In this edition of Diversions, Hood reflects on the musical going’s on in the back lounge. A noted voracious music fan with eclectic tastes, below Hood waxes on everything from the Clash to Syd Dale."

Rollo & Grady Interview // Patterson Hood - Los Angeles Music Blog:

"When I spoke with Patterson last week, we discussed his excitement over the release of Murdering Oscar, his longtime relationship with Truckers guitarist Mike Cooley and big-box retailer deals."

Nashville Music - Patterson Hood's solo album Murdering Oscar is a striking blast from the past - page 1:

"Hood came by his grunge sensibilities honestly. 'Nirvana broke wide open and became huge pretty much the exact same week that my '80s band Adam's Housecat broke up, and doing a kind of music and opening the door for a kind of music selling records that I'd spent pretty much the '80s doing,' he says.

But there's a reason why it's not a sound that people generally associate with Hood's musical ventures, while loose, muscular Southern rock is. 'I was running like hell from it by the time the Truckers started,' he says. 'Because I had seen what happened in the wake of all of that. There were so many bad bands that came along in the wake of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. After that, all the sudden it was Bush and Nickelback.'

Murdering Oscar is an occasion for contemplating why musical styles, songs or life perspectives end up falling by the wayside. 'It gets to a point where you're too old to take your shirt off anymore,' Hood says. 'Grunge was bound to have a limited shelf life because once the flannel shirt came off... There's a real short shelf life with men without shirts on. About 22 or 23. It's like, 'Dude, put a shirt on, and for God's sake wear some shoes.'"

Live from Grimey's in Nashvegas yesterday.

Via Traci Thomas:


This is awesome.

hbo true blood musician casting:

"The second season of HBO’s acclaimed vampire series True Blood is fast approaching (June 14th) and, honestly, we’re pretty damn excited. While the show is already jam packed with memorable characters, being a music site and all, we can’t help but wish that some of our favorite (or not) musicians could make a cameo appearance or two. Why? For starters, because some of them just look like they would fit the part. Others would maybe fit the part, but we mostly just want to see them die a violent on-screen death.

Here is who we have in mind…

6. Patterson Hood (of the Drive-By Truckers)"

Pics and video Via Daniel Peiken:

June 2009:

"Patterson Hood & the Screwtopians @ Nuci's Space's Camp Amped, Athens, Georgia 6 15 09

video of 'Grandaddy'

video of 'I'm In Love With A Girl'

Ben Levin, reporting from Bonnaroo

Interview with Patterson:

DBT pics and video:

Patterson and Screwtopians video

Patterson and Screwtopians pics and write-up:


More from the'Roo

Bonnaroo's Top Ten Moments:

"4. The Drive-By Truckers back southern soul man Booker T. Jones on a three-song blast of Patterson Hood's Molly Hatchet-referencing autobiography 'Let There Be Rock,' a Jones-powered cover of 'Hey Ya' that got the sweaty crowd sweatier and a ramshackle-train run through 'I Can't Turn You Loose' that added up to a sprawling yet complete trifecta of Southern rock."

festivals: Drive-By Truckers

Patterson Hood interview on Vimeo


Via Chris DeLine:

Interview with Patterson Hood



dbts : Message: Booker & The DBT's make the NBA:

"Was flip'in by the game and they had Hey Ya play'in go'in into!!"
_______ - Message Board • View topic - New DBT License Plates


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Isbell band album nominated for Americana music award | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL



New video from the Dexateens.

Whoever came up with the idea for this video is a genius! ;-)


Bettye Lavette Blogs - Bettye LaVette MySpace Blog:

This EP will only be available by download.

Follow the link to purchase


MPAA Admits to Losing PR War to the ‘Enemies of Copyright’

So, where do these misunderstandings possibly come from anyway? We figured a short list might be in order: destroying Napster and Audio Galaxy and not creating an alternative for the get-go, raiding people’s homes because they uploaded Star Wars (not necessarily leaking it in the first place), hacking the URN hash and polluting FastTrack, hacking The Pirate Bay, having Viacom serve DMCA notices to people posting video’s of people eating in a restaurant on YouTube, suing tens of thousands of average American’s including fining one individual $222,000 for sharing a couple songs, saying that files in a shared directory is copyright infringement in court, saying that evidence is too hard to get and that the industry shouldn’t be burdened to prove their cases in court, suggesting that iPods are little more than little pirate ships, saying in court that even making one back-up copy of a DVD is illegal, lobbying to put in the DMCA, demanding that laws should be in place to prevent any tinkering with DRM including for research purposes, installing rootkits on people’s computers, installing spyware on people’s computers via the MediaMax technology, being outed for being hypocrites for pirating a documentary movie and claiming that it’ll only be in a safe place, tried to bring people a broadcast flag and telling people you can’t record TV shows if the broadcaster doesn’t like it, trying to bi-pass the backfiring of WIPO and the FCC to bring in the broadcast flag anyway, tried to get ISPs to do all the copyright industry’s dirty work,

Resurrecting the band:

"If you could bring one artist or band back from the dead for a one-night-only concert, who would it be and why?"

Trent Reznor Tuning Out Twitter Because “Idiots Rule” : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily


Springsteen Joins Phish At Sunday Night Show


Real `Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' gravely ill:

"They were childhood chums. Then they drifted apart, lost touch completely, and only renewed their friendship decades later, when illness struck.

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