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DBT Week in Review - 6/26/09

Tipping one back for the woman who assured my heteroness pre-puberty.

That nipple changed my young life..

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62 s:
"LOS ANGELES – Farrah Fawcett, the 'Charlie's Angels' star whose feathered blond hair and dazzling smile made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s, died Thursday after battling cancer. She was 62."

And, well, damn... Ain't nobodies business.....

RIP Michael

The man wasn't as 'off the wall' as he appeared. He patterned his celebrity after P.T. Barnum (no, really) and a lot of the 'weirdness' was premeditated.

But, yes, a troubled soul, too.

"You've got to look into his eyes, not his noses".

Thriller changed the music world and world of celebrity. But Off the Wall was his musical zenith.

However, PYT from Thriller is my fav.


Patterson Hood/DBT

Hat tip to breakingthesky7028 on the NB board.

2008 Paste article by Patterson Hood

Smell the Glove :: Features Music :: Articles :: Paste:

"Two things we can all agree on:
1. We all love Michael Jackson
2. We’re all glad he’s not our uncle.

I was 18 and working at a record store in Florence, Ala., in the fall of 1982 when Thriller was released. At the time, it was considered the inferior follow-up to his 1979 solo breakthrough Off The Wall. It had that weak McCartney collaboration as a first single. Then again, it also had “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” although neither of those had become ubiquitous by then. The elements were all there, but he hadn’t quite moonwalked into our collective consciousness yet. The Vincent Price thing seemed like a campy diversion, and Human Nature sounded like fucking Toto. Oh wait, it was fucking Toto."

Peter Grumbine from Current TV says MO is the best of 2009 so far on


Via Jonicont:


Check out the band opening for Patterson and the Screwtopians in San Francisco. Good stuff:

The Stone Foxes on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads



Yes! Best festival in the U.S.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass:

"Mavis Staples, The Chieftains, Marianne Faithfull, Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers, Richie Havens, John Prine, Aimee Mann, Okkervil River, Gillian Welch, Hazel Dickens, Old Crow Medicine Show, Dr. Dog, Billy Bragg, Allen Toussaint, The Wronglers, World Party, Old 97's, The Del McCoury Band, Earl Scruggs, Little Feat, Neko Case, Lyle Lovett and His Large Band, Booker T. & the DBTs, Doc Watson"

The Washington Post - Quick Spins - Murdering Oscar

Extended Play: Patterson Hood | The Music Mix |

Honest Tune Online - Patterson Hood : Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs):

"The liner notes of Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs) pin the origins of “Foolish Young Bastard” on a former manager who “was always using salt when sugar would work better.” Patterson Hood clearly knows the the difference between salt and sugar, and for their patience, the fans get to lick the spoon."

Patterson Hood: Murdering Oscar (and other love songs) on JamBase

Patterson Hood backs up the truck | Washington Examiner

Greencastle Banner-Graphic

Vue Weekly : Edmonton's 100% Independent Weekly : New Sounds: Patterson Hood (Follow the Tracks)

Patterson Hood: Common Man as Hell - outsideleft


Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell of Drive-By Trucker's on his hometown, and hit factory, Muscle Shoals | Music | The Guardian:

"Here, then, are 10 of my favourite records to have come out of Muscle Shoals - from soul to rock'n'roll."

Music I Like

Come On Go With Us on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads



‘Insane’ file-sharing verdict could challenge law’s constitutionality

Richard Marx “Ashamed” He’s Linked To $1.92 Million RIAA Fine Against Minnesota Mom : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily:

"Last week a judge ruled Minnesota mom Jammie Thomas-Rasset owes the RIAA a $1.92 million fine for illegally downloading 24 songs. Richard Marx — one of the artists whose music Thomas-Rasset downloaded via P2P network Kazaa — is now speaking out against the court’s verdict, saying he’s “ashamed” to be associated with the massive fine.

“As a longtime professional songwriter, I have always objected to the practice of illegal downloading of music. I have also always, however, been sympathetic to the average music fan, who has been consistently financially abused by the greedy actions of major labels,” Marx said in a statement. “These labels, until recently, were responsible for the distribution of the majority of recorded music, and instead of nurturing the industry and doing their best to provide the highest quality of music to the fans, they predominantly chose to ream the consumer and fill their pockets.”"

Coroner: Pain killer killed ex-Wilco member - Yahoo! News


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