Monday, June 29, 2009

Round and Round

I know, I know enough with the Michael Jackson. I couldn't agree more.

Last MJ related anything coming from me.... unless something particularly hilarious pops up.

The inmates in the PI pay a final tribute to their inspiration.


Because sometimes is gets confusing:

Sex Scandal Flow Chart | TPM News Pages


Between this and the lie-detecting MRI on 60 minutes last night... we be in for a wild future.

First Image of a Memory Being Made:

"For the first time, an image of a memory being made at the cellular level has been captured by scientists.

The image shows that proteins are created at connections between brain cells when a long-term memory is formed. Neuroscientists had suspected as much, but hadn't been able to see it happening until now.

The experiment also revealed some surprising aspects of memory formation, which remains a somewhat mysterious process."

Shitty journalism. The U.S.A.'s #1 export.

Jeff Koyen - The Places You’ll Go - Duped newscast airs ‘Lost’ scene as Flight 447’s last moments - True/Slant:

"In their rush to air exclusive photos of Flight 447’s destruction, no one in this newsroom stopped to ask the logical questions, such as: 1) How did the camera survive? and 2) Why are the photos in wide-screen format?"

Finally we have an answer for crop circles.

Opium-eating wallabies get high, make crop circles:

"SYDNEY (AFP) – Wallabies are getting “as high as a kite” on opium in Australian poppy fields and flattening crops as they hop round in circles, according to a report"

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