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DBT Week in Review - 7/24/09


Check in with Ninebullets today for all of your Shoals Theatre Night 1 reviews: - Message Board • View topic - 2 night stay at the Shoals Theater


Here are a couple of 'Tubes already posted from the show last night:


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Righteous Path:


dbts : Message: Re: [dbts] DBT - Covered by...?:

"The kids at Nuci's Space Camp Amped covered (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon just last week at their grand finale concert. I missed it by 2 minutes. Always running late. Local Athens jazz band (and fantastic musicians) Kenosha Kid did a show once at Flicker where they covered songs by various Athens bands, DBT among the group. You can listen here:"

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Blogs - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit MySpace Blog

Hello, folks. Having a sit-down on the new couch, watching the Braves tear up San Fran, thinking I should let you all know how things have been going lately.

First and foremost, we're very excited about the Music for Marines benefit at the Shoals Theatre Wednesday night. It's for a great cause, and Sons of Roswell and Barrelmouth will be playing with us, both bands chock full of Greenhill natives, so you should really try to come out.

My old cohorts, the Drive-By Truckers (still don't know if that hyphen should be there or not) are playing the same venue on Thursday and Friday night, and I'm really happy about the fact that they're playing a hometown show. I think it'll be great for the area and the local scene, and it could go a long way toward establishing the Theatre as a real music venue. Cheers to them, for sure. I won't be able to make those shows, much to my chagrin, as we have to leave for K.C. on Thursday evening. Ya'll go, though, and let me know how it turns out. I'm sure it'll be great.

Want to give a special thanks to Zack Gooch for joining us on last weekend's run through Colorado and Utah. He did a fantastic job and we truly had a great time hanging out and making music with him.

Our distinguished guitarist, Browan, has a website up now for his incredible artwork,, and I strongly suggest you check it out. He has some great stuff, and his paintings are pretty good, too, if you know what I mean.

On the personal front, I just finished a move back across the river to Sheffield, and I'm very happy about the living quarters. I'm sure to be playing a ton of pool when I'm home, so if you're game, come join me at the room. You know the one, I'm sure. Just make sure you bring enough dough to cover your losses (or your bar tab). I got stiffed last week, and I'm still pissed about it.

We're smack dab in the middle of the W.C. Handy Blues festival, so I may be out this week, sitting in with some friends. I'll try to remember to put a notice up on Twitter regarding where I'll be in case anybody wants to come see. Happy summer to everybody.


Some nice interviews and acoustic work by Jason on a Dutch Blog. Check 'em out:

Face Culture TV


Dexateens Blogs - Dexateens MySpace Blog

About three months ago, something questionable happened on campus at the University of Alabama.

In a nutshell, a white fraternity paraded past a black sorority house as the women were taking part in an alumni celebration. The element in question is the fact that the fraternity members were marching with rebel flags and confederate war uniforms, all in the name of what the fraternity calls an “old south” celebration.

I have been waiting to see if the university would reprimand the fraternity before I tore into my premeditated rant. The fraternity has issued a public apology, but to my knowledge, this appears to have been pushed under the rug by the University of Alabama. I also think it is important to note that UGA and Auburn have in years past either eliminated or scaled back their Greek “old south” celebrations due to similar circumstances.

I love the University of Alabama, and I love the south. It disgusts me to see that MSNBC picked up on this story and once again, Alabama, specifically the University, is in the spot light of racial insensitivity.



The Associated Press: Jackson Browne, Republicans settle case:

"LOS ANGELES — Sen. John McCain and the Republican Party are apologizing to Jackson Browne for using one of his songs during last year's presidential campaign.

The GOP is also vowing to get artists' permission before using musicians' work in future political campaigns.

The apology and pledge were released Tuesday along with an announcement of a settlement with Browne over a federal copyright infringement lawsuit filed last year in Los Angeles. Browne sued McCain and the national and Ohio Republican parties for using part of his song 'Running on Empty' to mock Democrat Barack Obama's proposed energy policies in a Web ad.

Financial details of the settlement weren't disclosed."

I burned up at least 2... maybe 3 License to Ill cassettes back in the day.

Get well Adam!

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch has cancer; tour canceled, album pushed back (Backstage Pass) -

"The Beastie Boys have cancelled all their upcoming tour dates, including their headlining spot at the All Points West Festival next week, and pushed back their 'Hot Sauce Committee Part 1' album, after Adam Yauch was diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland.

In a video statement (below) released this morning, Yauch said the cancer is treatable and will not affect his voice. He will have surgery next week to remove the tumor and will need several weeks of further treatment.

'It's a pain in the neck (sorry had to say it) because I was really looking forward to playing these shows, but the doctors have made it clear that this is not the kind of thing that can be put aside to deal with later,' Yauch said in a statement.

No word yet from All Points West organizers on how the cancellation will be handled."


Matt Osborne said...

Cooley told me you were in the audience last night but I guess I missed you.

JPW said...

Hey Matt. Wasn't at the shows. Cooley must of confused me with some other devastating handsome gent who was at the show.