Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't tase my bros, bro.

Guess who said/wrote this?

So, yeah, we certainly haven't had enough time to debate the issue.

Fucking sorry ass Blue Dogs. Become a Republican already. Stop shitting on my party.

Yeah, I'm gonna get my curse on today.

AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth: Headline that says it all: Will Blue Dogs Help GOP Extremists Destroy Obama's Presidency Over Their Donations From Insurance Industry CEOs?

The Democratic Party represents the people... The Democratic Party puts human rights and human welfare first... These Republican gluttons of privilege are cold men. They are cunning men... They want a return of the Wall Street economic dictatorship.

Something happens to Republican leaders when they get control of the government... Republicans in Washington have a habit of becoming curiously deaf to the voice of the people. They have a hard time hearing what the ordinary people of the country are saying. But they have no trouble at all hearing what Wall Street is saying. They are able to catch the slightest whisper from big business and the special interests.

Republican candidates are apparently trying to sing the American voters to sleep with a lullaby about unity... They want to kind of unity that benefits the National Association of Manufacturers... the real estate trusts... [the] selfish interests... They don't want unity. They want surrender. And I am here to tell you people that I will not surrender.

Some things are worth fighting for... We must fight isolationists and reactionaries, the profiteers and the privileged class... Our primary concern is for the little fellow. We think the big boys have always done very well, taking care of themselves... It is the business of government to see that the little fellow gets a square deal.

Wherein I agree with Michael Steele for the first and probably only time.

Steele urges Democrats to pass health care bill without Republicans.:


It is hard to imagine how it could have been worse... but, it could have been worse. Much worse.

Imagine this. Just close your eyes and imagine this. Imagine a brigade marching down your Main Street.

Goddamn Cheney was in the White House....

Report: Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo:

"WASHINGTON – The Bush administration in 2002 considered sending U.S. troops into a Buffalo, N.Y., suburb to arrest a group of terror suspects in what would have been a nearly unprecedented use of military power, The New York Times reported.

Vice President Dick Cheney and several other Bush advisers at the time strongly urged that the military be used to apprehend men who were suspected of plotting with al Qaida, who later became known as the Lackawanna Six, the Times reported on its Web site Friday night. It cited former administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity."

We crush the Republicans, now we've got to crush 40% of the Dem party.

Work is never done.

Sold out pieces of shit.

David Sirota: Attack of the One-Percenters: Land Rover Liberals, Corrupt Cowboys & the Millionaire Media


It is like the sun rising. Gonna happen no matter what.


Anti-gay, pro-abstinence legislator had affair with intern:

"A Republican state senator from Tennessee–who is married and the father of two– has admitted to police that he had sex with a 22 year old intern after her boyfriend allegedly demanded money from the legislator to not make public a video of the legislator and intern having sex.

State Sen. Paul Stanley only recently sponsored legislation designed to prohibit gay couples in his home state from ever adopting children. He has also opposed family planning services, explaining that his “faith and church” require him to “promote abstinence.” And Stanley has run as a “pro-family” candidate in his campaigns for the Tennessee State Senate."

Taser thing is getting out of control.

Didn't break the law? Really?

We'll see what the judge says about that.

Idaho man sodomized by police Taser plans to sue:

"A Boise, Idaho, police officer who pushed a Taser inside a man’s buttocks and threatened to “Taser his balls” violated use-of-force policy, but didn’t break the law, an ombudsman has found."

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davyproctorboy said...

The concept of W mulling over anything boggles the mind. One would think he is not capable of mulling, nor even know what the word means. I would assume he asked his "god" to tell him what to do....