Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Public Option or Bust

Slow and low this week.

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A. Who the fuck are they having to cut a deal with? We are in solid control.

B. There is no health care reform without a public option. Period.

C. I hope this is horse shit, because if they cut the P.O. or add some bullshit 'trigger' to it, then I'm done with the Obama administration. Done. They have the power to twist some fucking arms off. If they don't twist... done.

If they can't shove pure progressive policy down the conservatives throats at this point and time in history, they'll never pass pure progressive policy.

Why, oh why, are a good portion of my party a bunch of fucking pussies.

White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan - WSJ.com


Whew. Need to cool off after that one.

No better way than with some SF Fog.

Fog Week!

San Francisco's famous fog:

"Iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco's world-famous fog is both predictable and unpredictable - one of the ethereal pillars of the city's myth and beauty."

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