Monday, July 06, 2009

Fillmore Slim Pickin's

I have very little in the que to write/snark about today. Traveling and some sort of recent holiday that celebrates gunpowder have kept me off line more that usual. Did you guys know that you can actual go do stuff and not just read about or write about doing stuff? Crazy... but fun!

Prediction for the week: Celebrities will die. Most assuredly.

I caught a performance by Fillmore Slim this weekend. First time seeing Fillmore perform after learning about him several years ago from the Hughes Brothers film American Pimp. He can rocks some blues, y'all.

Cell phone camera pic, but proof :

So, anyway....

No more VPILF to kick around anymore... we'll, I'm sure she'll still be plenty kickable again, soon enough.

Alaskans say Palin had gone fishin’ on the job


Due to a very recent personal work change (and not a good one) I can attest to the validity of this article:

Even 'Recession Proof' Schoolteachers Feel Pinch of Employment Downturn -


At least there's some cool tech news:

Tiny New Battery Is Printable - Yahoo! News:

"A new battery, small and thin, weighs almost nothing and can be printed in a process similar to silk-screening shirts."

Going to see Mr. Hood and the Screwtopians on Wed. Be on the look out for some pics.


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Jacqueline TresBella said...

What's up with the job? I hope you get something soon or recalled.
We get no money this year for our school supplies, not that it was much, 250.00 for copier paper and part of it went for copiers, forget about posters, craft projects, etc. This year we get nothing. We will have to buy paper, etc. out of our own pocket, which we buy all of the extras ourselves anyway, I'm going to ask the students (who can) (we have some really poor families who don't even have access to computers except for at school) to donate, paper, glue, board markers, kleenex, hand santitizer, etc. This is usually the norm for elementary students, but not for high schoolers, who don't want to tell their parents anything anyway. Hopefully we will get some supplies, Talk to you soon,
Ta soeur, Jac