Monday, August 03, 2009

Patterson Hood and the Screwtopians - San Francisco - 7/8/09

The long version of this tale got 86'd as too much time has passed and much of my notes didn't make sense anymore.

So, short version:

Perfect day in San Francisco:

Lunch with hairy hero guy (who shall henceforth be referred to as 'HH'). And, I can write 'hero' with the knowledge that it will be read, but I'd never, ever state this in person due to an unwritten Northern Alabama code which prevents effusive praise regardless of the success. One must always leave room for ball busting.

I digress. Lunch with HH along with Ken Zankel, owner of The Grove on Fillmore Street, and all around super nice guy. Ken pointed out a DBT sticker that resides on the front of his restaurant. I've passed this place hundreds of times and never noticed it. Ken also is a big supporter of Nuci's Space (as we all should be). Ken kicks ass.

Next, cab ride to the TransAmerica building (or whatever hell company owns the place now) and a stroll through Jackson Square for some San Francisco history, with a stop to read the Hotaling placard.

"If, as they say, God spanked the town for being over-frisky,
Why did he burn the churches down and spare Hotaling's Whiskey?"

Then a nice, lazy wander through City Lights. City Lights in an amazing bookstore. Lots of history.

Another cab ride brings us closer to the venue and a Stella at the Fly Bar where The Hold Steady plays on the bar stereo.

After a short stroll to The Independent all kind of sound was thoroughly checked by Matador and Damon.

This was the first time I really got to tune into a sound check and really watch Matador at work. He's a damn professional and I was awed by his ability to simply get shit done.

Damon is pretty badass too I noticed him fiddling with a guitar strap. I walked over and he was McGyvering a beer cap into a snap to hold the strap on the guitar. Genius.

Sound check led to dinner with HH, Barbe, Neff and EZB. Dinner conversation dominated by Ted Turner/TBS/Braves/CNN... and even Bill Tush was conjured from the ether. I hadn't thought about Bill Tush in decades. Also, I should have gotten a cup of the white bean soup.

The show was incredible. The band was really tight. All was nailed to the wall. Crowd was very good for a Wednesday.

Another perfect San Francisco day. Always great to get to hang with talented friends.

Let's look at some pictures, shall we....

Are you ready to rock!

But first a word from our sponor, Beefcake!

Ever wonder how DBT/The Screwtopians stay in tip top shape during the rigors of touring?

Not only is EZB the rythym keeper he's also the trainer for all band members and crew.

EZB has developed a grueling 5 minute program which combines weight lifting with oxygen restriction. He's perfected this technique over the past many years on the road.

Be on the look out for a video and instructional book coming soon.


Sound checking

Damon Towers

The opening act, The Stone Foxes, learning some tricks or two.

I only caught the last song of their set, but they were tearing it up. I'd definitely go see these guys again. They sport serious skills.

Met Will J. for the first time. What an incredible talent.

He killed Just to Know What You've Been Dreaming.

I'm an even bigger fan now.

Patterson had the best drunk girl heckle response ever.

Anna McCarthy from SF Weekly sums up the even nicely:

San Francisco - All Shook Down - Last Night: Patterson Hood and the Screwtopians at The Independent:

"Thank you Patterson Hood for finally telling the token drunk and loud girl in the crowd to, 'kiss someone, darlin.' Sweetest shushing ever."

Thanks for a great day, guys. Always a pleasure. See some of y'all in October for the Hardly Strictly Festival.


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