Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Fine Print

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About as simple as it can be explained:


If only my people were this organized enough to be militant.

I've been looking for some godless extremist to join up with for ages. Alas, we are a lazy lot by and large.

Fucking fear mongering piece of shit.

Catholic League president: Atheists ‘out there to get us’:

"Catholic League President Bill Donohue presented a paranoid side of his personality to Fox News Monday morning, declaring that “militant, dogmatic” atheists are “out to get” Catholics and dismantle American society.

“I’m talking about the extremists within [liberal] ranks who have become very, very vocal,” Donohue said. “And over the last several decades what we’ve seen is an all-out assault. This kind of new atheism. This militant dogmatic fundamentalist atheism out there to get us.”"

"Crazy is a pre-existing condition".

A 2 the men.

Op-Ed Columnist - Missing Richard Nixon - NYTimes.com:

"Part of the answer is that the right-wing fringe, which has always been around — as an article by the historian Rick Perlstein puts it, “crazy is a pre-existing condition” — has now, in effect, taken over one of our two major parties. Moderate Republicans, the sort of people with whom one might have been able to negotiate a health care deal, have either been driven out of the party or intimidated into silence. Whom are Democrats supposed to reach out to, when Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who was supposed to be the linchpin of any deal, helped feed the “death panel” lies?

But there’s another reason health care reform is much harder now than it would have been under Nixon: the vast expansion of corporate influence."

Sounds nice... all but the cold part.

Coldest, Driest, Calmest Place on Earth Found - Yahoo! News



Jez said...

Bill Donahue thinks Atheists are out to get Catholics? He is so out of touch. I'm out to get ALL Christians, not just Catholics. In fact, I'm okay with keeping the Catholics, most of them that I know like to drink to excess. It's the Baptists that hide their alcoholism that really piss me off. Also, any Christian religion that doesn't allow dancing, or oppresses women and others.

JPW said...

BD thinks atheist are out to get him, the paranoid fuck. Why that dude is on TV all the time, I don't know.

Add to the list: Any religion that knocks on my fucking door. Any religion that feels the need to fuck up island paradises by 'converting' the natives.... we could probably do this all day long.