Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Weird Go Pro

Wes Freed from a recent email to me:

"And when the going gets tough, the weird go pro ."

Never doubt the genius of Wes Freed.

Some examples below

Now, where do I send the 2 million strong Ginsu set I purchased for Bachmann's cause?

If she and her ilk want to go all Jim Jones, have the fuck at it.

Bachmann To Activists: Slit Our Wrists And Become Blood Brothers Against Obama's Health Care | TPMDC:

"'What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing,' said Bachmann. 'This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn't pass.'"

Your elite liberal media.

Here's my monthly "If you are watching any cable 'news' as your primary source of information, you are seriously being misinformed" statement.


Maria Bartiromo Presses 44-Year-Old Congressman: If Medicare Is So Good, Why Aren't You On It? (VIDEO):

"Bartiromo's response to this argument was a true head-scratcher. In a mocking tone, she pressed the congressman: 'How come you don't use it [Medicare]? You don't have it. How come you don't have it?'

Rep. Weiner, who turns 45 this week, tried to walk Bartiromo through it. 'Because I'm not 65.' But she was insistent. 'Yeah... c'mon!' she exclaimed, laughing incredulously."

Damn Right! I've been waiting for more union head cracking.

AFL-CIO threatens Democrats over public option:

"The AFL-CIO, America’s largest federation of labor unions representing over 11 million members, is digging its heels in and telling congressional Democrats they will not enjoy the union’s support unless a public insurance policy emerges from the current debate.

“The AFL-CIO’s incoming president, Richard Trumka, outlined ‘three absolute musts’ in any overhaul package: a public option, an employer mandate and no tax on employer-provided health benefits,” reported Politico.

“Asked if the union would work against any bill that did not hit those targets, Trumka told reporters during a briefing: ‘That means we won’t support the bill if it doesn’t have the public option.’”"

Yeah, but we're a bunch of fucking hippies... with more money than god pumping through the city even during shitty times.

NOT BREAKING: SF's Public Option Plan Rates 94% Satisfaction


Really? Mexico?

Mexico's health care lures Americans -


Grrr, baby, grr.

Last line is the money line.

Miss Cougar accepts prize in Palo Alto:

"The party included three hours of dancing, drinks and booths filled with items ranging from 'Cougar Kits' to 'Cougar kitty' T-shirts for $20 sold by Becky Aguilar of Mountain View, recently divorced and looking for fun, but not necessarily younger men, she said.

Miss Cougar America was selected by a vote of the men in attendance.

Watching from a distance was hotel guest Mark Friedman, 45, of Boston, in town for a wedding.

'I've never seen so many useless 20-year-olds in my life,' he said. 'This is a uniquely American phenomenon.'"


Anonymous said...

Is that first quote a take off on the Hunter's quote "when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." 'Cuz I guess it happens when things get tough, too.

Anonymous said...

Most of the time I'd rather hang out with the weirdos ... most of the time.

Here's one of my problems with health care in general- the lack of personal responsibility. For example, today there was a pro-health care rally across from my building. I walked over at lunch to see what people were saying. A lady next to me struck up a conversation during which her and her four fat friends were stuffing hot dogs in their mouths and chain smoking cigarettes. More power to them. I love a hot dog every once in a while and I smoke when I drink. What pissed me off though, was when I asked them who should pay for their care when they get lung cancer or a disease related to being fat. Their response, of course, was me.

I really want to help those who can't help themselves. I don't have any interest in helping those who make poor decisions.

I don't think I'm taking an outrageous position here.


masterymistery said...

I don't think it's a uniquely american phenomenon -- plenty of useless 20-year-olds in Australia, and elsewhere, and 19-year-olds, and 21-year-olds, and 31-year olds too. In fact, in my uniquely misanthropic view, our whole western democratic free market system has gone to shite. Every which way.

Great site. Highly entertaining.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

davyproctorboy said...

Blogspot fucks up a lot. I left a comment earlier and it is not here. Not the first time this has happened.

Matt Osborne said...

Heh. Cougar prizes.

Check it out, you won an award.

JPW said...

Anon1: Correct, though I didn't know it til Wes told me yesterday. I need to read more HT.

CLA: I agree that gluttony is a health issue in the U.S. Hell, the fattest and most out of shape states are southern/red states... the folks who crow the most about 'personal responsibility'. These states also receive a higher return on their tax dollars to the fed gov, too.

But 'personal responsibility' is not at the crux of the current health care debate. The issues is the worthlessness of private health insurers. There goal is 'profit'. The only way to remedy this, at a huge savings to the public, is a public option. We need a public option period.

MM: I tend to agree with you. Nothing 'free' about our Western Free Market. However, I do wish I was 21 in Australia. I bet y'all have got some might fine Cougars down under. Thanks for dropping by!

davy: yeah, posts get eaten too often by blogger.

Matt: Damn! I've been online for 4 years and this is my first award. Thank you, my friend!