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DBT Week in Review - 11/20/09


Aquarium Drunkard: Music Blog � Decade :: Drive-By Truckers, The Dirty South (2004)


The 100 Best Records of the Decade: 73.) The Drive-By Truckers - The Dirty South (2004)


Review: Drive-by Truckers deliver in Clay Center s ... - News - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports:

"CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- On a mild November Sunday evening, the Drive-By Truckers stormed into Charleston and heated up the Clay Center stage with an eye-opening and ear-catching performance."

My Aimz Is True: Concert Review: Private Drive-By Truckers show in T.O.


Southern Shelter � Patterson Hood @ Caledonia 11/11/09

Plus Bo! Great listen.

Southern Shelter � Bo Bedingfield @ Caledonia 11/11/09


That Evening Sun w/Patterson Hood songs featured opens in L.A. today!

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit


Adam Smith

New web site:

Adam Smith Photography / Artist Management


Muscle Shoals Sound

The Black Keys New Album Recorded At Muscle Shoals Sound Studio | The Black Keys Fan Lounge:

"There used to be some amazing regional record labels, but that all dried up. But the same talent pool is there—just no one is there to discover it. It’s the same thing with Muscle Shoals—there are talented people everywhere. I do believe that music is genetic—it’s a family thing. Whatever was magical about Muscle Shoals is still there, it’s just no one fucking cares anymore. Music now is just pop music, made by motherfuckers like Bob Rock. Motherfuckers that have wrap-around Sub Zeros and dreadlocks and a crazy ass Kurzweil keyboard. People just don’t get it."

I'm announcing a Patterson Japan solo tour for next year (Not that there is one in works, but a good buddy is going to grad school in Japan next year and how cool would it to follow Hood when I make my visit).

Japanese dig the Muscle Shoals sound | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:

"Hearing Donnie Fritts and Scott Boyer describe their five-show tour in Japan in October conjures up images of rock stars getting off a plane, being mobbed by autograph-hungry fans and running through train stations to make the next show.

Part of that is true - the rest is a product of my overactive imagination.

In reality, Fritts and The Decoys, two names that are well known in the Shoals but sometimes taken for granted, received the grand treatment in Japan.

Fritts said going to Japan with The Decoys was one of the best experiences of his 50-year career.

'Being accepted by the Japanese like we were was unbelievable,' he said."


:: news, reviews and opinion :: since 2001 :: online at ::: Rock Over Boston | drivin n cryin | TT the Bear's | 11.15.2009:

"It would be easy to go on for a thousand words about drivin n cryin (in fact, when I started this review it was starting to look like I would), because theirs has been a long and complex story since singer-sonwriter Kevn Kinney and bassist/mandolinist Tim Nielsen released the first album with the band's first lineup, 1986's Scarred But Smarter. So let's boil it down. Here's what you need to know: drivin n cryin are a part southern rock, part country rock, part folk rock, and part hard rock working class band from Atlanta, GA. They like folk music as much as they like the Stooges, and Aerosmith as much as country music."


Bruce Springsteen News - Yahoo! Music:

"A visibly embarrassed Springsteen grinned and said such a mistake was 'every front man's nightmare.'"

The Who? I wish they would tell me.

The Who to perform at SuperBowl: report | Entertainment | Reuters



INTERVIEW - Don't jail illegal music sharers - UN agency | Business News | Reuters


Or Rock musicians for that matter.

Belarus rock musician faces extradition on phony murder charge | Raw Story:

"Amnesty International has declared rock musician and social activist Igor Koktysh to be a prisoner of conscience who 'is being persecuted for his political views.' Koktysh was tried on trumped-up murder charges in Belarus in 2001, and was allegedly tortured in an attempt to force him to confess, but he was acquitted after he proved he had been in another city at the time."

'Remote Control' Host Ken Ober Dead At 52 - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News


Via Grumbine.

NSFW, but damn I wish I had a job to give this guy.

Ian Pfaff's Demo Reel from Ian Pfaff on Vimeo.


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