Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ninja FAIL

When it happens, not 'if', I sure hope they miss.

I will become one militant liberal if a shot it taken.

These fuckers are crazy.

"Trawling for assassins": Evangelical nuts want Obama dead UPDATED


Couldn't come out from under the bed long enough to fake up a protest?

Not scared of the terrorist. They're scared that all of the illegal torture will come to roost. And it will.

Conservatives ’sit out’ NYC trials protest despite calls by Liz Cheney, Gingrich and Rove | Raw Story:

"An effort by several prominent Republicans to rally opposition to Attorney General Eric Holder's plan to bring five accused 9/11 plotters to the US for trial apparently fell flat Wednesday."


Daily Kos: Conservative Cowards:

"So, no, it doesn't surprise me a bit that New Yorkers are generally unafraid of putting swarthy-looking terrorists on trial in their courts. They live everyday with the threat of a terrorist attack. Manhattan is the number one terrorist target in the country. Perhaps the oddest thing about Timothy McVeigh is that he chose to attack Oklahoma City. What was that about? It's infinitely more likely that terrorists will attack the NYC subway system than it is that they will attack, say, Little Rock. It should have made people wonder that New Yorkers turned against the war in Iraq faster than anyone else, despite the fact that the war was, at least in part and theory, an act of retribution on their behalf. New Yorkers knew better than anyone else that the war in Iraq was making them more, not less, of a target."

Awesome. This should give Dems plenty of time to figure out how to weld a super-majority.... maybe.

Poll: Republicans Prefer Ideological Purity Over Electoral Success:

"Despite losing two straight congressional elections, more Republicans say they would prefer to support a candidate who was ideologically pure than one who could win."

Maybe my halling ass down mountain trails on my mountain bike isn't such a great idea.

Uninsured trauma patients are much more likely to die --


I've been sayin'....

Fire Geithner and Summers, prominent Democrat says | Raw Story:

"'We may have to sacrifice just two more jobs to get millions back for Americans'

President Barack Obama 'is being failed by his economic team' and should replace Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and White House economic policy director Larry Summers, says US House Rep. Peter DeFazio."

Apple rulz!

Simon Aldous: Windows 7 'Inspired' By Mac, Microsoft Manager Admits:

"Windows 7 = Apple 4 years ago"

Could of been me, man, could have been me.

"Ninja" Impaled On Fence In Seattle After Failed Leap:
"Witt says the man was 'overconfident in his abilities,' and that alcohol likely played a role."

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