Monday, December 07, 2009

Name for the Winners in the World

John 11:35 - Tebow Wept.

The earth is spinning a little more properly on its axis.

Roll. Damn. Tide. A true Alabama Ass Whuppin

No. 2 Alabama 32, No. 1 Florida 13 - Alabama Knocks Florida Off Top -

"ATLANTA — Football is so enmeshed with Alabama’s identity that women wear houndstooth scarves to match their purses and babies are rocked to sleep from Mobile to Muscle Shoals with whispered tales about Bear Bryant."

Your liberal media.

'Cause those blogs are just so full of horseshit without editors and the like.

Washington Post Forced To Correct Report That Public Enemy Called 9/11 A Joke:

"The important distinction between '911' and '9/11' could have been made a number of different ways -- by either listening to the song, or reading the title of the song or simply noting that the song '911 Is A Joke' was on an album released on May 26, 1990."

Douchebags who will burn in hell, yes. But, isn't the greater tragedy the fact that he died waiting for health care in the freakin' ER?

Best Health care in teh World!

Waiting to be seen at hospital, dying Joaquin Rivera was robbed, police say | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/01/2009:
"The first is of Rivera, a beloved Puerto Rican musician and high school counselor, dying in the waiting room of a Frankford hospital that he visited on Saturday, while suffering with pain in his arm and torso.

The second is of three cold-blooded vultures who, police said, preyed upon the 63-year-old father of three during his final moments, when they stole his old wristwatch."

So awesome Obama took single payer off the table from the get go.

Now this POS 'health' care bill will only help to prop Aetna et all up to continue to rape American consumers.

Thanks, Obama/Rahm/Dems! Gonna just hand it all back to the crazies after all of our hard work.

Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits:

"Health insurance giant Aetna is planning to force up to 650,000 clients to drop their coverage next year as it seeks to raise additional revenue to meet profit expectations."

Why Microsoft sucks:

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Laughs At The iPhone In 2007 Interview (VIDEO):

"Back in a 2007 interview with CNBC-TV, when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is asked about the iPhone, his first reaction is to burst out laughing."

Corporate myth to increase profit.

The public owns this bandwidth, btw. Too bad Corporatists run the show in Washington.

"Bandwidth hogs" join unicorns in realm of mythical creatures:

"Felten's basic critique concerns bandwidth caps—not because they exist, but because he sees them as disingenuous. Carriers can use them as a way to control bandwidth and wean people away from what the marketing department implicitly promises: all-you-can-surf Internet access for one monthly fee. The caps are sold as cutting off 'bandwidth hogs' who use 'more than their fair share,' but Felten's take is that ISPs really have no idea if these people are causing any sort of actual congestion at all."

A republish of the Bible?

And they don't get embarrassed.

Tell-all book could embarrass Christian right with stories of sex, scandal | Raw Story:

"If excerpts from Lisa Baron's upcoming book are anything to go on, it's sure to be a scandalous read.

My Burning Bush, Baron's memoir of her days as the spokeswoman for Ralph Reed -- the former Christian Coalition leader and the man Time called 'The Right Hand of God' -- is being shopped around the New York publishing houses. And it promises to embarrass more than one figure in America's conservative movement."


Townser said...

It is nice to see Steve (who is a cousin of mine) exhibiting a firm grasp of his business' reality. I'm fairly certain he has no idea that Apple is even a competitor.

JPW said...

I think when he hears 'Apple' it just makes him hungry.

Did not know he was a cousin. Do you get xmas presents? ;-)

Townser said...

I get nothing except poor performance from my PC's. Merry Freakin' Christmas.

JPW said...

Not even a crappy Zune?!? Merry freakin' xmas indeed. ;-)