Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Theft and Libel

This 'climategate' nonsense irks me to the enth.

The last two paragraph nails what it is really about:

"Barbara Boxer is right about this:

Leaked e-mails allegedly undermining climate change science should be treated as a criminal matter, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Wednesday afternoon.

Boxer, the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said that the recently released e-mails, showing scientists allegedly overstating the case for climate change, should be treated as a crime.

This really is not even debatable. Data was stolen and then misrepresented in order to slander specific individuals, even to accuse them of criminal wrongdoing: this is what happened.

'ClimateGate' is about the contemptible methodology of powerful interests cheering on mass human suffering for narrow financial gain, full stop. It's about theft and libel. Period."


Group promoting climate skepticism has extensive ties to Exxon-Mobil :

"A group promoting skepticism over widely-accredited climate change science has a web of connections to influential oil giant Exxon-Mobil, Raw Story has found."

Earth could plunge into sudden ice age - LiveScience- msnbc.com:
"In the film, 'The Day After Tomorrow,' the world gets gripped in ice within the span of just a few weeks. Now research now suggests an eerily similar event might indeed have occurred in the past."

And now a comment on Congress... because others write what I think so much better than I can.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

"The 'world's greatest deliberative body' is increasingly being laid bare for what it is--utterly dysfunctional because of the massive egos and personal foibles of narcissists like Joe Lieberman, who can hijack the most critical of issues for their own narrow, personal reasons."


Former MO. House Speaker charged with felony assault:

"Longtime Republican politico allegedly punched, choked and had sex with woman when she blacked out after drinking glass of wine

Former MO. House Speaker charged with felony assaultFormer Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton was charged with second-degree assault Monday stemming from a woman's claim that he hit her in the face several times and choked her"

I need to up my staring out the window time.

Cat Cams: What DO Cats Do Home Alone?:

"Fifty house cats were given collar cameras that took a photo every 15 minutes. The results put a digital dent in some human theories about catnapping.

Based on the photos, about 22 percent of the cats' time was spent looking out of windows, 12 percent was used to interact with other family pets and 8 percent was spent climbing on chairs or kitty condos. Just 6 percent of their hours were spent sleeping."

But is it low calorie?

Alcohol Pill Can Get You Drunk Without Drinking, Researcher Says


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