Monday, December 14, 2009

On Flat-Earthers and Flat-Out Liars

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a liberal climate conspiracy... or something.

We can't pass any meaningful legislation but we can alter the weather for our political gain.... or something.

Oh, and the Earth is Flat.... or something.

World's hottest decade adds to pressure for climate accord:

"'The decade 2000-2009 is very likely to be the warmest on record, warmer than the 1990s, which were in turn warmer than the 1980s,' World Meteorological Organisation Secretary General Michel Jarraud told a press conference.

Jarraud also said that the year 2009 would probably rank as the fifth warmest since accurate records were started in 1850."

Conservatives are just damn set against any kind of change, man-made or not.

Very hard to understand them.

Report: Bush insiders ‘distorted,’ still ‘influence’ climate change debate:

"Numerous environmental officials from the Bush administration have taken jobs lobbying on behalf of the energy industry, and some are now working to undermine efforts at a global climate change deal in Copenhagen, says a new report from a government watchdog group.

Some members of the Bush White House's environmental team 'deliberately distorted critical scientific reporting on global warming' before taking jobs at oil, gas, mining and other energy companies, says a report (PDF) from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

'CREW identified at least 22 former Bush-era officials who have gone on to lobbying or government relations, 14 of whom are registered lobbyists,' the report states. 'Through lobbying and industry-manufactured 'grassroots' activities, these individuals continue to influence and confuse the debate over global warming and hamper the efforts of the current administration to help establish a public consensus on this issue.'"

ABC will not be Out-FAUXed.

ABC uses Fox tactic to make Stewart seem like climate change denier | Raw Story


Won't happen again, promise.

Fox News Management Fed Up by Mistakes - FishbowlDC:

"By Matt Dornic on Nov 23, 2009 11:38 AM

After a few footage mishaps at Fox News like their recent slip-up: 'Fox News Uses Old Palin Footage,' the higher ups at the network have had enough.

In an email obtained by FishbowlDC, FNC management alerted the Newsroom that they were going to a 'zero base' newscast production, defined in the memo..."

OK, it'll happen again, because we mean for it to happen again, but we'll just lie about it.

Fox: Nothing inaccurate about our 120% poll graphic:

"As anyone who was actually listening to President Obama knows, he said $200 billion. But what's $198 billion when you're busy being Fair & Balanced, right?"

Stewart has the last word, though.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:
"As Jon Stewart said in his take down of Fox's claim, 'So in attacking scientists for falsifying their data to support their theories on global warming, you've cited a poll that adds up to 120%.'"

More Americans are in need of numbing the stupidity:

Most Americans support legalizing marijuana: poll:

"Fifty three percent support legalization, while 43 percent are opposed, according to a poll conducted Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 involving 1,004 voters."

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