Friday, December 11, 2009

DBT Week in Review - 12.11.09


Slobberbone takes top spot this week. Love this band and the men who comprise it. Fucking awesome. Thanks, Jayne!

Bonus: Some homeless guy lends vocals on song #10.

Slobberbone 12/5/2009 @ Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA � Live Music!


Drive-By Truckers - Need We Say More? - Drive-By Truckers Confirm New Studio Album, Relix Cover:

"The Drive-By Truckers will also appear on the cover of Relix’s February/March issue. Noted rock scribe Mark Kemp spent time on the road with the band, discussing its new studio project and future plans."

21 Songs of 21st Century Politics -- Politics Daily:

"Americans live with a soundtrack: the relentless chatter of media, the clash and clatter of daily life, collisions with history, voices in our hearts and heads, sounds we love and noises we can't escape. Out of that roar comes our culture and our politics."



Muscle Shoals Sound

I promise you Buttholeville had none of this coolness when I grew up there. | The Times Daily | Florence, AL



Pitchfork: Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Hospitalized Following Bus Accident:

"Today at 7:18 AM EST, about 40 miles West of Albany on I-90, the weezer tour bus carrying Rivers and his family and assistants lost control as it hit a patch of black ice. The driver employed every ounce of skill he had in fighting to keep the bus upright, as the vehicle violently fishtailed over the highway. And while the bus did indeed go off the road, plunging about 8-10 vertical feet into a muddy ravine off to the right of the Thruway thus coming to a very abrupt stop, it did not flip or roll, despite having plowed right over a guardrail, flattening it. Kudos to the driver for somehow keeping things as level as they could be - surely this story would have been far more tragic if not for his actions."

Month of List(s): My 10 Favorite “Sellouts” of the Decade � DayBowBow:

"During my grade school days, I freaked out when other people discovered the music I loved. It was my music and I didn’t want anyone to steal it from me. I first experienced this reaction while listening to Weezer’s Blue album with my family on a road trip. They all liked it! I was all right with my older brother liking it, because he was close to my age and therefore cool. But my parents? No way. I asked them to remove the cassette (remember cassettes?) from the tape deck and I promptly put it back into my Walkman. As the years progressed, I briefly hated (or was “over”) The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The White Stripes and a slew of other artists who rose from relative obscurity to become “the next big thing.”"

Apple acquires music service Lala | Reuters

Apple Plots Reboot of iTunes for Web -

"Apple Inc., the company that restructured the music industry around its iTunes service, is exploring an overhaul of the way it sells and stores music that is aimed at extending its influence to the Web, according to people briefed on the strategy."


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