Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Crooks Have Deep Pockets

I'll keep hammering the bolded point below until my fingers bleed.

A good 60% of Democrats need to learn this.

Hell needs to be raised. Always.

"Good enough" and "We'll fix it later" need to banished from all Democrats lexicon.

AMERICAblog News:

"In other words, it's appearing increasingly likely that the House-Senate conference, the meeting that was supposed to 'save' the public option, now isn't going to happen at all. The top liberal in the House has expressed his 'concern' that the conference is fading fast. The thing is, 'concern' doesn't really cut it in this town. As Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson have shown all too clearly, you get what you want by raising hell and by being wiling to walk away from the table. Nobody fears someone who is 'concerned.'"

Assuredly a surge in Buddhist converts is imminent.

Really, is there any more debate that FAUX is nothing more than the Christian-Republican Loon-Ass Propaganda channel?

Hume is a supposed 'news anchor'.

The Washington Monthly
O'Reilly asked a reasonably good question: "Was that proselytizing?"

"I don't think so," Hume said, before reiterating his comments from Sunday that Woods should convert to Christianity.

Hume said that given Woods problems, he "needs something that Christianity, especially, provides, and gives and offers." That includes, he said, the chance for "redemption and forgiveness." Later in the segment, Hume said: "I think that Jesus Christ offers Tiger Woods something that Tiger Woods badly needs."

I suspect for Fox News, dictionaries suffer from liberal biases, but "proselytize" isn't a word burdened by nuance. It means "to induce someone to convert to one's faith." For Hume to deny that he was proselytizing on the air is absurd. That Fox News considers this incident consistent with its professional standards tells us all we need to know about the so-called "news" network.

I've been trying to think of a way to frame this in a way Hume's far-right defenders would understand. How about this -- imagine if, after David Vitter's (R-La.), John Ensign's (R-Nev.), and Mark Sanford's (R-S.C.) humiliating sex scandals, a Buddhist media personality appeared on national television and said Christianity is clearly inadequate, and that the right-wing Republicans' lives could get back on track if they'd give up their faith and embraced Buddhism. The Buddhist said this during a news program, and later insisted his/her comments did not constitute "proselytizing."

Is there any doubt that Christians would expect that media figure to be promptly fired? Would conservatives defend the Buddhist's remarks?


Yes, Democrats are doing their best to throw the 2010 elections, but, my god, how far do we have to throw it so that the Republicans can catch it.

Michael Steele. The gift that keeps on giving.

Using a racial epithet to prove you do not need to be more 'moderate'. Classy... and on point.

Think Progress � Steele uses racial epithet to argue that the GOP doesn’t need to be more moderate: ‘Honest Injun on that.’


If they hate it as much as the EPA then why wasn't this thing created yesterday.

They hate the EPA b/c the EPA prevents Republicans from paving the entire world (with not bid contracts for the paving companies they own).

If it pisses off a GOPer then I full for it.

GOP, Warning Of A 'New EPA', Oppose Independent CFPA:

"Senate Republicans are determined to prevent the creation of an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency because they consider it as threatening as their current arch-nemesis regulator: the Environmental Protection Agency."

Whenever an insurance company jacks up your premiums it goes straight into the pocket of the CEO.

You want to mandate that I purchase insurance from these fuckers? Good luck with that. I'll see you in Canada before I pay a dime of a mandate fine.

Update: Nancy Pelosi will not receive another dime from me or another vote as I just called her office and was hung up on by the person on the other line.

The questions I asked "How does Rep. Pelosi expect me to be mandated to pay for a $73 million retirement bonuses for corrupt insurance executives".

Response: She hung up the phone.

Called Reid's office, asked the same question, and was met with "uhhhhhhh".

Call Reid's office on Monday and ask for 'Janice Miller' who is an aid who addresses health care issues for Sen. Reid.

Fuck Pelosi, though.

Daily Kos: Denial of Care Profits: $73 million for CIGNA's retiring CEO:

"BEFORE you read further...National Nurses United, the new national union for RNs, is asking nurses and patients to demand Congress remove the mandates that would force Americans to purchase products from the CIGNA's of the world. Call Rep. Pelosi (415-556-4862) and Sen. Reid (702-388-5020) and tell them to strip this bill of the CIGNA-mandates immediately!"

I ponder going to law school just to be able to do stuff like this.

Ben Pavone, California Lawyer, Refuses To Pay Bank Of America Credit Card, Threatens To Sue:
"Ben Pavone told Bank of America in a letter last week that he refuses to pay off his credit card debt until the bank lowers his interest rate. And, he added, if they try to ruin his credit, he'll sue 'em.

'They've got to have some kind of obligation to not totally extort the public,' said Pavone.

The San Diego, Calif. attorney is angry about two things: his interest rate, which has gone up to 27.99 percent, and his credit limit, which has gone down to just above his balance. 'I'm sure I'm going to be hit with penalties,' he said."

The biggest lie on television.

If you know anyone who wants to go to UoP, slap them then point them to local community colleges or brick and mortar state schools with online programs.

UoP = the AIG of higher education.

YouTube - Educate - University of Phoenix Commercial


Neat, but watch carefully at the end of the video:

Comet 'Eaten' By The Sun, Nasa Captures Tape (VIDEO)



Anonymous said...

Pavone is, at best, a horrible lawyer. When it comes to contracts, lawyers are held to a higher standard- he entered the contract so he could gain the benefit of the credit card, why shouldn't he be expected to meet his end of the bargain. A lawyer that doesn't read the fine print is a lazy moron. California has numerous unaccredited law schools- perhaps is a product of such a school.

I do, however, have sympathy for others beside him. Current credit card rates are usury. They are also outrageous, especially compared with the rate of return on investments available to common americans. My solution is simply to never have a balance- I don't spend money I don't have. Our government could benefit from such a strategy.

Lawyers truly have an image problem. I don't even tell people I meet that I am an attorney- instead I tell them that I read and write for a living. Thank God I don't have to drum up business. Much easier. Pavone, admittedly, is a small part of the image problem, but a problem nonetheless. His countersuit would be laughed out of any reasonable court.

Sorry to soapbox. Its a little personal.

AAW said...

How many lawyers does it take to write a contract? 10. 1 to actually write the contract and the other 9 to stand around and bitch that they could have written a much better contract. ;-)

Worked in the legal industry for 10 years which includes 3 years in a law school. Graduated over 1000 J.D.s

One then I've learned is that no contract is bullet proof.

And 'reasonable' court. Not sure we have too many of those these days.

But feel free to always climb on a soapbox at AAW. Hell, that's gist of this place. ;D

Unknown said...

You are a wise dude, and an excellent writer. I think you should go to law school.

Thanks so much for this blog. DBT, wisdom, politics, science, humor-- I could ask for nothing more!

AAW said...

Well, thankee, Kathleen. You are far too kind. ;-)