Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fuckn Blogger

And once again Blogger kills another of my post. Don't have the energy to repost.

I've got to move out of this dump sometimes soon.



Jez said...

I'm going to pre-empt your pro-Bama post today by stating that ABC made Mark Ingram a legitimate football player by repeatedly mentioning his prison-daddy. Congrats to Mark, his dad, and his street cred.

And congrats to Alabama. Now that you've improved your college football record (very important in the Grand Scheme of America), maybe you can work on getting more than one healthcare option in Alabama, become better than 49th in education, and do something to improve that Civil Rights History image.

AAW said...

Yeah, the prison daddy story was played out long before the title game.

Lot's of good folks down there, Jez-Mez just wasn't around. ;-)

Jez said...

Keep winking, California Dude.