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DBT Week in Review - 2/6/2010

DBT WIR delayed by some evil frackin' animal flu....


Now THAT is a handsome Mofo.

Hood proud of Grammy-winning collaboration | | The Times Daily | Florence, AL:
"The Truckers played a show in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and Hood said he forgot about the Grammys when he arrived home in Athens, Ga.

Then he received a text message informing him that 'Potato Hole' had won a Grammy.

'I received another 20 in the next 15 minutes,' he said.

Hood said he and the Truckers have no problem whatsoever playing the role of the backing musicians.

'It feels great,' Hood said. 'I'm really, really, really thrilled for Booker. Of course, it's good for us, too, since we were definitely heavily involved with the record. Just getting to work with Booker was winning an award.'"

GRAMMYS PHLOG | The People's Music:
"And of course, congratulations to Booker T and all the many, many more very talented artists who won and were nominated for untelevised awards. Except Michael Buble. He knows why."

Nominees | Best Pop Instrumental Album


Drive-By Truckers keep on truckin':
"In February and March the band is playing the southeastern United States before heading to South by Southwest in Austin. The tour begins in earnest in April with a northeast run, followed by the Midwest and the West Coast. Then comes European festivals, U.S. festivals like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Mile High in Denver, and then a return to Europe to headline clubs and theaters."

Q&A: Drive-By Truckers' Patterson Hood |


Global Green USA:
"Global Green USA and supporter & actor Walton Goggins will be holding a very special fundraiser screening of 'That Evening Sun.' Nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, the film stars Hal Holbrook, Ray Mckinnon, Walton Goggins, Mia Wasikowska and Carrie Preston. Learn more about the film here.

Funds will help Global Green collaborate with on the ground organizations to help rebuild green homes, schools and communities.Funds raised will also help provide emergency sustainable aid to Haiti including solar powered flashlights and water purification.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 10th

Harmony Gold
7655 W. Sunset Blvd."


A little STFU for Bono from Brian Johnson.

AC/DC's Brian Johnson: Bono Should Do Charity Work In Private


Pot meet kettle. Paging Taylor Swift.

Nick Jonas: Bob Dylan Can't Sing (VIDEO):
"Jonas said the producers wanted Lil Wayne to sing the solo originally sung by Bob Dylan. 'He said, 'I can't sing,'' Jonas said. 'And I'm like, 'exactly. Perfect.''

'Nick Jonas says Bob Dylan can't sing,' Kimmel laughed."

Radio Ink Magazine:
"January 28, 2010: The Prometheus Radio Project says the Local Community Radio Act -- which would open the door to potentially thousands of new low-power FMs -- is 'in the home stretch,' but there are still obstacles.

On the group's website, Prometheus says, 'In our fight to pass the Local Community Radio Act, every victory we celebrate comes with a new hurdle to overcome.' The group notes that the bill has passed out of committee in the Senate and must pass the full Senate to go to President Obama for signature, and that it still needs to be officially reported and filed."

Like 52k is anyless 'monstrous'.

Judge slashes ‘monstrous’ fine in music piracy case | Raw Story:
"WASHINGTON — Condemning a two-million-dollar fine meted out to a Minnesota woman for illegally downloading music over the Internet as 'monstrous and shocking,' a judge has slashed the penalty to 54,000 dollars.

US District Court Michael Davis said the fine imposed by a jury on Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a single mother of four from the town of Brainerd, veered into the 'realm of gross injustice.'"

Let me answer this. Umm, hell no. 'Fixed' competition = collusion.

Ticketmaster, Live Nation Merger Approved: Will It Lead To Lower Ticket Prices?:
"LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Justice Department cleared the way Monday for concert promoter Live Nation and ticket-seller Ticketmaster to combine after imposing major conditions meant to create stronger competitors and lower ticket prices for consumers."

This, I did no know.

'Ghosts' resurrects Kip Winger's career:
"When the grunge thing hit,' Kip Winger explains, 'it was like all the 1980s bands were gone. Overnight.'

It's a well-referenced piece of musical history. Nirvana's 1991 album 'Nevermind' sold 10 million copies, and Winger the band became an oft-used punch line.

That brutal ending was also the beginning for the artist, who is about to execute one of the all-time improbable musical resurrections. Winger, who spent much of the past 17 years studying classical music composition, on Tuesday will premiere his first symphonic piece with the San Francisco Ballet. He wrote the music for 'Ghosts,' featuring choreography by Christopher Wheeldon."

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